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Another reason not to buy a Chrome Orb

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Inactive Moderator
Jan 13, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
A friend who I helped build a Thunderbird 800 system called me and left me a message on Friday night.

"Uhh, Andy, my CPU fan melted tonight. I was wondering if you have an extra socket A heatsink laying around."

He's not running overclocked at all- when we built the system, we removed the thermal compund on the Chrome Orb and lapped it a little and greased the cpu core. He's basically had his computer running for 5 months solid now. On friday he smelled some smoke, looked in his case, and the fan in his Corb was a blob of metal and melted plastic. Our best guess is it stopped rotating at some point and heated the aluminum up so much that the heatsink melted the fan. He immediately turned his box off (he's lucky he still has a processor). Even though he doesn't overclock, I am seriously reconsidering building ANY socket A boxes with Orbs, or any "retail" socket A cooler. Things like this should, straight up, just not happen. I am going to recommend an FOP32 to him, and to anyone else I build a socket A box for. I have previously been an advocate of Orbs for non-overclocked purposes but this is just wrong.

I also got 1 for my comp. mostley because thats the only other one i could get locally put it on and temps raised 4c over the standard hs that came with my board.and the modding which had to be done#%$# and the clip was a real sob to get on or off.oh well now ive got an 18 dollar fan blowing behind my mobo the rest went into trash.