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another reason to not get a R256 LE. All be warned.

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Dec 20, 2000
the radeon LE is really crappy.
It just doesnt work right.
And of those you know me, i'll try until it does.
Suer, EMBM is cool, but 3dmark2k1 is Desynced (sometimes the worm roars 10 seconds in sound be4 the graphic do it)
the card is only a few less dollars then an MX, so it's going back and a 3D prophet shall take it's place.
I saw the black lines on EQ, 3dm2k1 was terrably Desynced, AND Keanu was the Stay Puffed Marshmellow man.
What do i mean??
well, take the body away, and make it all a white texture.

No drives work. This thing is garbage.
Maybe it's this card BATCH, i've heard of other that have these probs. Or flashing the BIOS to retail radeon will fix it. But other then that, i give up.
I have tried for 4 hours now to make it work. Then 2 hours to make it work RIGHT.
i give UP.
it goes back tomorrow, and a GF2 MX takes its place. All be warned.
I bought an AMD CPU before and it arrived DOA. All AMD CPUs must be crap! I'll never buy another AMD again!

Unfortunately I bought an Intel CPU once and it died after the first week! I guess ALL Intel CPUs must suck too!

A Maxtor hard drive died on me before, I'll never buy another Maxtor again!

A GF2 MX a friend bought, wouldn't run properly in his computer. All Nvidia cards and GF2 MXs must suck @$$.

Translation (in case you didn't get it): when you buy something and it is defective, return it and get a replacement. Either that or return it for something else. It doesn't make sense to come on and post about how bad the Radeon LE is when from all appearances you just have a bad card! It could also be incompatible with your hardware.

However, don't fool yourself Nvidia cards are any more reliable that thing I posted above about the GF2 MX is partially true. Not that all MXs suck, but the one my friend bought was incompatible with his motherboard!

I understand that you might be frustrated, but it doesn't make sense to rip a card up just because you have problems get it working. I wish computer components always worked right off the bat also, BELIEVE ME I DO! But they don't, that's life.
okay, mebbe iw as a bit harsh.
But i've heard of these probs when i was looking around Rage3D.
I guess flashing the BIOS to retail MIGHT work.

BUT, remember, no-one is sure about a crippeled product? why were the chips crippled? what is mainly hit? we may never know.

All i nkow is the GF2MX will work great in EQ, and thats mainly waht i need it for. I found that using the anceint beta CD rage6 drivers brouht it back into sync, but performance was way off, and the nature part of the demo u could, uhh, see rainbows of sunlight. I tried messing with alpha Dithering and bending, but nothing. I'd like to still get a Radeon 32DDR. I'm currently considering the 64VIVO version when the R2 hits the shelves. The radeon ITSELF is an impressive product. But teh radeon LE, mebbe if they changes the PCB more then moving the voltage regulators and a single capacitor around. i dunno. All i know is the GF2MX has nothing crippled, it's just doesnt have 4 pipelines. And the MX200 only has 1 =)
and besides, it's not for me. I'm just saying, i've heard of these probs, and mebbe this week of chip or soemthing or stepping is screwy. BTW, whats Radeons Ark like, and can i see it w/o a radeon??

i do NOT say the radeon itself sucks, i jsut think that ATi should verify WTF is up with the radeon cores. I'm gonna try to pick one up to borrow or something from someone, and try flashing the bioses and changing some stuff.
I might even make the PCB identical by making a daughterboard and soldering in the proper traces. I'd be nice to see.
People have problems with ALL video cards. Go to any forum on the net dedicated to one card type or another, and you will see all kinds of horror storys.
I frequent Rage myself, and although there are few that post with problems, they are far outnumbered by people that don't have problems. You have to also remember these guys try 10 different drivers a went, and tweak the reg find 20 times a day. Of course they will run into trouble!

A friend of mine got a GF2mx card that was half dead on arrival, so I know it happens.

If you do a search on this forum, you will see that there are plenty of us here that have the Radeon and love it.

One tip, the Kryro 2 is at www.newegg.com with a smoking price tag.. might want to give it a try. It will do better at 32bit games than the MX, and will tide you over longer till you need a upgrade.
On another note, I hope your new card works well! Hehe nothing like a brand new spanken 3d card to play with!
**update: 3D marks come from 2000, NOT 2K1.***

lemme do a slick comparison here:
All was done on a K6-2 500, 100FSB, on a Alladin 5 Crappy motherboard, AGP 2X.
196 megs of ram @ normal cas3
done @ 640x480 default settings for the card, 32bpp desktop, 65hx refresh. Vsync ON no AA, and 32bpp for textures.

LE, not tweaked, CD drivers: 1675 3D marks. Lotsa Problems. Problematic 2K1 performance. lines in EQ, along with flashing menus, like the Glide driver issues. Image quality impressive. Handles colors quite nicely in 2d and 3d. Future unsure, as core runs things internally @ 32 bit, but DOES have that extra textruing pipeline.... Crummy river support, all new drivers Desynced the card with movies (sound/video)
EMBM is cool! the LE core is a mistery to us all. And if it IS a crappy radeon, you buy a defective product. Hyper Z easily enabled, bandwidth saving is great @ hgih rezes.

Herc Prophet II MX: 2204 3D marks, small problems in EQ. Flawless 2k1 performance. Good 3D and 2D, altho needs the new detonators, or whatever. Great driver support, altho leaves me a bit Discombobulated.... (LOL always wanted to say that)
No EMBM. i am SURE about this core, it has 2 less piplines then the GTS, and no HSR of the Pro. TERRABLE bandwidth @ high rez and details. Great for lowers, and i'm still happy with 800*600.

I miss anything on these..?

Oh yeA, the LE isnt a really offical product, sans the logo and the fan. The herc card is a fully funcional MX chip.

i personally liked the radeon, but the MX jsut went in so easily, i didnt have to F*** arounf for 5 hours. I'm gonna try to mess with an LE, and see if i cant make it preform to full radeon power.

i MIGHT get the 64ViVO over a GTS deluxe, but i'm looking @ the multimedia over the core. Anny sugestions?
You may have a defective card, why don't you go ahead and RMA it, since you have the MX to play with? Id at least give that a try. You should not be having problems like with any vid card.
As far as W2k is concerned, the drivers have come a long way since feb, when Anandtech did a artical on the crappy w2k performance of the Radeon. ATI has released about 10 drivers since then, and most people seem to agree that the W2k performance is really not a issue. (I can't verify that, im still waiting for my W2k Disk).

And I can't beleive the MX smoked the Radeon at 32 bit. Every test I did on 3dmark2000 at 32bit beat out most if not all the MX's posted. (this could have changed since march when i did this). From looking at your scores, both of them are really low anyway, considering the low resolution you used.
Maybe the CPU your using dosn't have the power to run the Radeon at full potental? They seem to max out in speed on CPUS around 1.1ghz, then the scores are all pretty much the same past that. A friends AMD 1.4 with the same exact setup as my computer with a 1050ghz AMD scored the same 3dmarks under 2001. Havn't used 2000 to see how it would do.

Hmm ok im rambling, ill stop now hehe.