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Another Soyo Triumph. NOT.

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Senior Member
Dec 17, 2000
Seattle, Wa
I've had two Soyo 5EHM's over the last three years. Both of them were free, long story. These things are worth every penny I spent for them. Mama mia, avoid this mobo. Got a cheapo 128 Mb PC-133 Dimm this AM. The soon to be junked 5EHM wouldn't allow the Dimm to seat on one end of the slot. Close inspection revealed that the two Dimm sockets on this high quality masterpos have unequal "trench" depth. The two Simm slots have this same feature.

And the AGP slot gave up the ghost today, as well.

If you have a relative you intensely dislike, this board is a must in the box you had to build for the jerk, out of the goodness of your heart, or "family loyalty." Oops--that assumes that you have no future obligation to FIX the danged thing.

They do have have a psuedo benefit, they're about $120 including a K6-2/500. If you never plan on removing any card, Dimm or AGP Vidcard from them...and remember to treat the box like thin-shelled eggs--just maybe they're worth bothering with. Naah, avoid the pos's.
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