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Another thought on ducting

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Dec 19, 2000
I've read about ducting cool air from outside the case directly to the HSF. I'm using an Alpha PEP66 on a CeleronII 600 with Abit slotket!!! plugged into a BH6 motherboard. I had plans on building one of those adapters to run a higher CFM 80mm fan on the Alpha.
Problem is that with the added height of the adapter, the fan will only be 1-2" away from the side of the case when installed. Will this restrict the flow of the fan at all? I'm considering ducting the air off the Alpha straight out the side of the case. Shouldn't this also lower my internal temps somewhat? What do you guys think?
I was resently installing a side fan and I noticed that when I got something too close to the fan(about an inch), it would not be as efficent.
You should duct it out the side if it is already right there.
I would reccomend using a Dremel or a Jig Saw to cut the hole.
I tried to use a hole saw, all it did was polish a really neat 80mm
circle on the side of the case.
engjohn that`s a pretty sweet pic in you sig

this is the best way to cool your system ......cpu out.... directley throught the side of you case (exsaust port) 1 or 2 fan`s intake ...