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Antec 900

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Oct 11, 2005
I will not call this a review more of an observation, mainly because its an old enough case that everyone knows about it already and secondly because I am just not going to go into enough detail to warrant calling it a review.

I purchased this case out of the forums knowing it had a single flaw in it, one of the hard drive bays had a severed fan control wire. This must be a common problem with 5.25" hard drive bays because I did it myself on the ThermalTake iCage. It was a RPM monitor, but the point is the same. Wires do not do well in between 2 metal objects. Having had this happen to me before I am now much more aware when installing hard drive cages. So it will not happen again. :)

Having read all the reviews, we all know one thing about the Antec. It SUCKS for wire management. I always took that with a grain of salt, because lets face it, most people suck at wire management anyway. Then again every Antec case I have ever used had some major wire management flaws, even when they take steps to avoid this problem. Fortunately there is a great project which includes a wire management how to for the case and I think I may just give it a try. Over at XS.

I grabbed the case, because, it was a good deal, although now that you can get one from the egg for 75 bucks, it does not seem so sweet, still... A case that comes with this many fans (and cool looking glowy blue ones at that!) is a steal. At the price of say $100. One must assume at least 30 bucks in fans... so the case becomes an actual really good deal.

I have not played with the fan speed settings yet... so I do not know if it gets louder then what it already is, but I have to say.. while all the fans running is kind of loud... its such a low pitch that it is a comfortable noise. Not like a 120 mm delta or Nidec BetaV trying to blow you CPU through the motherboard.

The front grille bays, remind me of my my old Stacker (sniff). Good idea that can quickly be made better by popping some foam in there to help alleviate the dust. I hear a lot of people complaining about dust in the system... filters would help that alot. But also people have to understand... if you want a dust free case... try one that has no active cooling. No air movement = less dust. Lots of air is being pushed through this case and my temps show that, I am sure that dust will become a problem. Since I do not run air cleaners anymore, I imagine there is a good amount of dust in this old house.

One thing that people seem to like is the top mounted controls. I have to say this is a win/lose situation. By having USB audio etc at the top of the case, these wires have to run to the bottom of the motherboard in order to reach the pin outs. Reverse ATX would be the right format for anything mounted on a floor based computer. Its what I did with my stacker and if I was keeping this case I would probably figure out a way to do it in this case as well. The tray has a nice rubber mat in it... but I just do not see what purpose it serves. I suppose it could hold a small MP3 player or a thumb-drive... but that is not really reaching the market they wanted with this case. Gamers I think is what this case is geared towards.. lots of cooling and lots of pretty lights. So... perhaps the tray should be big enough to hold a game controller? How about a hook for your headphones? Something to think about.

The harddrive bays are great, but also a mixed blessing. 3 harddrives in the space of 3 5.25" bays means that there is plenty of airflow over your devices. However it limits the number of drives you can fit in the case. Since this is not geared towards the server community it should not be an issue for most people. At this point in time I am running 4 hard drives, but it will be running only 2 later, so I will see if the second bay can be disassembled so that it becomes only an intake fan and the space wasted by the second drive bay can be reclaimed since it will not be housing a modular PSU. This also will cause problems with larger video cards, although I suspect that if you place one drive cage at the very bottom and one at the very top, this will leave enough space for those full size PCIE cards. If this is not going to be a floor model case, then mounting the optical drive lower is actually a benefit, and the top I/O ports a hindrance.

I will be experimenting more over the coming weeks as I ready this PC for a friends grandson, and if I go through with the mod I linked above I will take some snaps and post them here. When my NZXT Zero arrives (might not be for a week and a half), I will try and do some comparisons as well.


Aug 2, 2007
its a nice case and all, though wire management can be a *****

though id rather have a antec 1200, what ever happened to it, if it ever got/gets released