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Antec SOHO case firewire and usb ?

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New Member
Dec 24, 2003
I'm building a new system as we soeak and yesterday I ran into a little trouble w/ the firewire and usb inputs on the fron of my Performance II series SOHO case, maybe someone can help.

First, the single wire labels on the firewire cables are different than what a Antec says on their website. I'm waiting on my new AGP card from new egg so I can't test anything yet. I figured though someone can clear this up.

The wires are labeld: yellow/black: TPB- web says it should be the green wire

The rest, TPB+, TPA-, and TPA+ are all switched if you go by the web site. I can't seem to get anyone at Antec to get back top me. Which is right? The wires themselves or what the website says.

Also the front 2 usb inputs have individual wires, they are

+5 V (1)
+5V (2)
-D (1)
-D (2)
+D (2)
gnd (1) there are 2 of these
gnd (2)

My ASUS A7N8X dlx has in this config

+5v +5v

Does anyone know what should go w/ what, or point me to some Antec site that will tell me

My guess is V's go to V's, P-'s go -D and so on. But what about the extra gnd (1). It's just w/ the firewire being wrong. I'm not sure what's up



Sep 19, 2002
Chicago, IL
I would trust what the wires say. I installed them (two weeks ago on my NF7-s) based on what they are labeled, and everything works fine. Just follow what you MB manual says for the Firewire headers.

For the USB,

+5 V (1) = +5v
+5V (2) = +5v
-D (1) = USB_P5-
-D (2) = USB_P6-
+D(1) = USB_P5+
+D (2)= USB_P6+
gnd (1) = GND
gnd (2) = GND