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Senior Member
Dec 18, 2000
He he, hello guys... I´ve been looking today here in Brazil at an oil store, and as we don´t have a similar word here for "waterwetter" I readed all the car coolant fluids i found... And some are anticorrosive, antifreezing and anti something else.... Bla bla bla.... It seems that the more expensive the better, and one litle botle should be enough for a watercooler setup mixture.... If you can´t find the belowed waterwetter, just go to your local stores and buy the best thing they have... Seeya people!
Instead of water wetter you can also use some alcohol in you coolant, ask Jeff, he has good results with alcohol. Also decreases some of the surface tension of water, just like WW does. Of course you still need the antifreeze, cause alcohol doesn't take care of the corosion. 10-20% alcohol will do. In holland we have some kind of fuel called "spiritus" (it's not what they drink in church LOL), a mixture of alcohol and methanol. Used for cleaning e.d. I'm planning to use it in my almost ready watercooling, 15% spiritus, 5% antifreeze, 80% water. Must be possible in brazil.

p.s. Jeff, you tried the methanol yet?
Oh yeah... a bit of etilic alcohol 99% is waiting here too... And about deionidated water, we have here to in the car batteries stores... Building a watercool system is realy possible almost anywhere in the world.... I bought a car radiator, an aquarium pump, I´m building a waterblock with an aluminium heatsink, will use those car coolant fluids... Just loosing time finding the right sized hoses and clamps.... The water reseirvor (submersible pump) will be build from a friend of mine that do some acrilic things for me, so that I can watch inside it.... The stuff I´m collecting are all to much big to stay inside the case... I´ll put all in a "feet box" under the case... just pass the hose and block trough a rear hole in the case... I think it´ll be ok... After it´s ready I´ll run a peltec 85w kit... I´ll ask for professional help with the relay to turn the pump with the pc... The guys at the store didn´t know how that work and i dont even have a voltimeter here in my house... I´m slowly buying the machines... He he.. Well, what can I say, with cool mates like Jeff here to help us on the watercooling setups, i can just recomend everybody to move to watercooling he he!