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Any coop 1st person shooter games out there

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Mar 4, 2004
Crunching [email protected]
The market for these games is too small for them to be developed on PC. Recently, I can think of no such games since networking accesories and networking itself have become common place. Sorry :-/.


Apr 4, 2001
Serious Sam 1 and the second encounter both have coop. Both games where 20 bucks when they were new so you could probably find them for 10 bucks somewhere by now. Serious Sam 2 will have coop too whenever it is released.

I heard half-life has a coop mod but I don't know much about it.


Sep 6, 2003
someone modded half life so you can play co op through the single player.

other than that i can't think of anything

gearbox said they would comeout with a patch for it on HALO PC but seeing as they took 6months to release the editor which was supposed to be released before the game I doubt it will happen