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Any Dell employees?

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Likes Popcorn
Jul 31, 2004
Does anybody on this forum work for Dell? I've got a dedicated server with a hosting company (and have had others in the past) with a Dell RAC card for remote management. The browser plugins to operate it only work in 32-bit Exploder. There's a Firefox plugin, but it appears to have been last updated for Firefox 1.0. If you work at Dell, could you find the group in the server hardware department responsible for that idiocy and convince them to fix it (as in, support non-archaic FF versions, and 64-bit, since I use 64-bit Linux)? I tried sending them an email and was ignored.


Jan 30, 2008
One of my best friends use to work for Dell, but at one of the little kiosks in a mall. He got a call one morning saying he didn't need to come into work, an email later that day that was sent out to everyone who worked there saying they didn't have a job, and the very next day the kiosk was gone. Very twilight zone-ish...


Sep 6, 2003
Here is a list of people who run the company. Do some google searching and find some email address of one or two people who work at dell. They should have a standardized email naming scheme. usually its something like [email protected]*****.**** or [email protected]*****.***. Write a polite email stating what problem you are having and what steps you have already taken to fix your problem. They will most likely forward you on to executive customer service. This is very very very different from normal customer service, these people are well paid and have the authority to get stuff done.

Michael S. Dell Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Brian T. Gladden Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President
Paul D. Bell President - Global Public
Jeffrey W. Clarke Vice Chairman - Operations and Technology
Stephen J. Felice President - Global Small and Medium Business
Stephen F. Schuckenbrock President - Global Large Enterprise
Ronald G. Garriques President - Global Consumer Group
Lawrence P. Tu Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Secretary
Andrew C. Esparza Senior Vice President - Human Resources
Bradley R. Anderson Senior Vice President - Enterprise Product Group

let me stress be polite with your email