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Any Faster???

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New Member
Mar 14, 2002
Will this swine go any faster?

I have an XP1500 at 1.33Ghz overclocked to 1.64Ghz and have heard it will go faster. I have Artic Silver 3 on the CPU along with a Thermoengine Cooler. Using an IWILL-KK266+R Mobo and have the CPU running at 1.85v.
Hi there and welcome to the furum!

What kind of temps are you getting?
What type of thermoengine cooler do you use?
Do you have som case cooling?
Any Faster?

Temps are 38oC on the CPU and 26oC System Temp.

The Thermoengine Model is V60-4225 with a Delta Fan @ 6800rpm

Yeah, got 2 x 80mm Fans sucking cold air in at the front and have 2 x 80mm fans next to the PSU sucking the hot air out. Full Tower AMD approved case.
Sounds like you have som ok case cooling. I don't think you will get much further with that HS. I would get e better Hs if I was you, maybe even switch to watercooling.

BTW: 38C, is that under full load?
I think that the thermoengine is an excellent HS w/ that fan.
I was hitting 35c under full load (Prime95 running over 7hours)
w/ the same HSF until I tired of the fan's noise.
How much lower does his cpu temp need to be in order to his speed go faster and by how much?
I'm not saying that the Thermoengine is a bad HS, but if he want's to get higher he will need a better HS (Like the Thermalright AX-7 or the Alpha PAL 8045).

Also, I think he already has a very good overclock, but it could be at great overclock with a new cooler.
The 38oC for the CPU and 26oC for the System are fully loaded. But right now my CPU is sitting at 40oC. It will drop down to 37-38oC over the next half hour once the case fans kick in.

Perhaps a better CPU fan is the answer but sometimes Windows ME (or Malaria my m8s and I call it) goes all funny.

Also need to replace the ICE cables with rounded ones but I have a pretty good air flow at the mo so I'm not complaining!
You could also do voltmod and switch to watercooling, if you have the $ and the guts. That would give you more speed for sure :D