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Any ideas would be helpful (long)

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Jan 15, 2001
"The Garden State" NJ
I get video glitches when using IE 5.5, Media Player and QuickTime. There are long vertical blotches of color in IE 5.5, and any version of Media Player exhibits long veritical green lines on mpg files, asf files are just blotches of pink color that are unviewable. Using Netscape 4.7, I get none of these problems. I have replaced almost everything in my rig to try and isolate the problem. My mb, pws, memory chips, UPS, different case fans, an upgrade from WinMe to Win2k, plus every combo of bios settings and Nvidia/Asus drivers. The video card is not overclocked and the problem existed before I upped my fsb. I have tried my old Vodoo AGP card and although the problem is not as severe, it is still there. My last two components that haven't been changed, are the video card and the monitor (Viewsonic A90). Any suggestions would be helpful as this problem has been going on for four months and nobody has been able to help me so far. I have included a file for you to see the problem I am having.
I'd say its your Motherboard then. Is it an RMA? If it is, its proably a former RMA thats just been repaired and sent back to you. I'd complain to iWill and ask for a new one.
I would have said that it is a motherboard problem too, but, this is the third motherboard the problem occurs on. (Abit KT7-RAID, both versions of the KK266).
I would say - it is not a hardware problem.
Microsoft Media uses a technology, called COM. - Media's window consists of 'blocks' from other files. I think that IE 5.5 and Media use the same bad code. Microsoft said that their IE 5.5 is NOT STABLE YET. So enjoy Nescape!
I have a tendency to agree with you. If I install Netscape 6, the same video glitches occur. Maybe the newer version of Netscape is using the same COM technology. My only other recourse is to try a new monitor or video card.