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Any love for legacy cases? What to do with them?

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May 17, 2005
High Desert, Calif.
I got the "spring cleaning" fever bad, decided that it's time for old hardware to go! I'd prefer to sell or give away as much as there is a demand for, although some items are problematic. Like big heavy beige cases, unless someone can pick up locally, they are doomed to e-waste, as shipping is expensive, and packaging is hard to come by. Here's part of what I'll be taking to e-waste this week, unless someone wants them or has ideas that will save them from the scrapyard metal shredder:



Sweet jebus there's some dinosaurs there, wow! Awesome!

No love from me...garbage, bud. Any 'beige' case has to go. :p
Honestly, if you like modding cases, these are the best for doing so. The original case for my Dr. Franken-mine mining rig case was an old Gateway very similar to the top far right case. The steel is a very heavy gauge and can take a literal beating without taking any damage.

I had another old case that I cut the ODD and PSU cage out of for my Project Freezer Burn benching rig. It's still in use, but mainly for reviews now as I've moved on from competitive benching.
I have a full tower beige Antec without a side window. It has my Haswell rig in it. It’s been retrofitted with 4 80mm Arctic pwm fans, and actually keeps everything nice & cool. Not great for cable management considering the PSU isn’t modular.
Personally, I feel it's garbage. Even if you want to mod it then some things won't fit as expected and there will be a lot of work. Anything new that is higher wattage will overheat and putting new and overpriced hardware into that seems like not the best idea.
I have some cases that are much newer and I have no idea what to do with them. I even have 2x Lian-Li O11 that are useless for me as for last builds there was always something missing (too small for long graphics card and thick rads, not enough space under or above the motherboard, and some more) and they're too wide for my desk. I feel like most new cases are designed for typical air cooling or AIOs and nothing else.
I'm having 2nd thoughts about taking these to e-waste, I'm just gonna put them in my shed. I loved the Chen Ming and Antec style cases for so long, it's hard to treat them like refuse.
Do they "bring you joy"? If not trash em. Don't be a hoarder. :p

Trash those... keep an eye out for my Azza Opus in the classifieds. ;)
I understand how you felt about them.. I have a Stacker STC-T01 that I have had for eons. I haven't used it since 2012, but thinking more like 2010.. I keep telling myself its still good, and that I can just repaint it.. but.. I like my Fractal cases, my next one will probably be a Torrent :D

Still don't know about the Stacker.. it has wheels on it so that alone makes it awesome (y)

Good luck! I hope they are going to a good home, they are pretty minty..
It's like my 5 ITX cases that collect dust in the corner ... too good to throw away, not good enough to use daily and I still think I will use/mod them one day (that probably never happen).
I *think* the TT lanbox I used in college was still kicking around my parents' basement last time I checked. Not faded-beige pride, but likely the oldest case I both used and still have.

Thing wasn't great as far as cooling was concerned. Couldn't fit a tower CPU cooler, no 120mm ports for an AIO, and a horizontal CPU cooler would fight with the PSU for airflow. But it was ok, didn't take up much desk space.
I'm building a PC at work right now for an additional backup + one, maybe two VM. It's in a large tower based on the dragon frame but with a newer front panel. I needed something large for 6x HDD+2xSSD and I used components from 3 other PCs. After putting it together it's 5820K, 64GB DDR4-2400 (8x8GB), and 30TB storage.
That blue one looks like an old linksys router on steriods!!!
That was my prized Abit NF7-S. Can't remember exactly what chip, but you can clearly see the famous Highpoint RocketRAID card with the blue IDE cables. I customized an external watercooling loop using a medical equipment chiller (that's the black case on under the table).


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Sweet jebus there's some dinosaurs there, wow! Awesome!

No love from me...garbage, bud. Any 'beige' case has to go. :p
You should be banned for this comment.
Do they "bring you joy"? If not trash em. Don't be a hoarder. :p

Trash those... keep an eye out for my Azza Opus in the classifieds. ;)
Again, banned for this comment.
I almost miss the red PCBs, almost.
My eyes miss the red, blue, yellow, and green PCBs. Dang, it's hard to see what's what on a black PCB with low light. Getting old stinks.

ED, I wouldn't ban ya. I'd just write a script for every picture on the forum to be routed to a picture of beige cases. Videos? Redirect to Yatta! Bring some nostalgia back into your life.

Since I couldn't get Win98SE running on the XP era laptop I have a beige box P4 system that I will set up as my retro system. Sad, because the laptop is near mint condition.