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Any possibility for overclocking?

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Sep 24, 2005
I bought this computer the other day from a local computer store. It's basically just an eMachine with some components modified (i think just the fans (and the memory which i replaced myself)... :shrug: ). If you need to know why I didn't just build my own, it's b/c I would have been without a computer for over 2 weeks until I got my laptop back from HP if I didn't spend the $350 on this thing. The only problem is, the BIOS has absolutely no overclocking features. Not even simple FSB changing! Is there still a way I can change the FSB and multiplier and RAM timings and stuff, like a program or a BIOS mod or something? It's the system in my sig, and the motherboard is using the Intel i845G chipset (that's what CPU-Z says at least).

Nexus Realized

Jun 14, 2005
That's a shame :-/
What is the model# of the comp. Maybe I can help you find something that will help you OC it. Model# or Mobo.

Super Nade

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Aug 30, 2004
Santa Barbara, CA
Mate, I couldn't find useful info regarding that particular model.
You could try SoftFSB or CPUFSB. Flashing the BIOS is a bit risky and it may render your Motherboard useless.

On a related note, you may be in luck as a few old HP's seem to use the same Motherboard as that one. Not entirely sure if that was a one off thing or a whole series thing.

I found these threads you could use. (Not fully useful, but thats the best I could find).


Good Luck!

If you can't OC, please lend your MHz to the [email protected]/SETI/FAH cause :D



New Member
Dec 5, 2005
Hi I am a noobie to oc but on overclocking an emachine with imperial trigem motherboard im84gv phoenix bios I discovered that when entering bios immediatley after pressing DEL jamming on all the function buttons unlocks the cpu multiplier in the bios settings which I changed from X8 to X26 (I have a copper core heat sink and fan installed) and it runs noticebley faster.