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Any websites with video card info?

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Apr 6, 2002
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Hey everyone

been a long time reader, here, love this place!

Recently, I got a job at Future Shop, and I work in the Computer dept. Now, I've been working with computers for years, so I do know my stuff. However, We have a bunch of video cards from ATI, and some based on NVidia (yeah, we're Canadian, so we ***** em, lol)

Anyway, obviously there are huge differences in prices between all of them, ranging from $99 to $649 CDN.

Here's what we have basically, but if it says web exclusive, well... then ya kno.

Here's my big problem though. In trying to sell these, I sometimes find it difficult to explain to the customer that this card is better than this one. First, because I've never really been into 3D gaming/video cards, it was always too expensive for me, so I don't know the scene that well. Second, all I can come up with is that, well, this one's got a faster chip, and more RAM. Yeah, that's lame.

So I ask you all for links to websites that you have found useful where I can read up about what the heck makes all of these cards so dang good. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: Oh yeah, we don't have the Visontek's anymore (Least we shouldn't) cuz they've gone outta business, and we're getting a chance to return them, so yeah, they're gone.


Mar 30, 2002
Toronto, Canada
Check out this review for starters, it has 30 cards or so all benchmarked so you can see which is better then which.

Dont forget the faster cards have faster ram, not just more ram and the speed of a customers CPU limits how well even the best card will perform, so if some1 has a 600mhz CPU a GF4 Ti 4600 (or radeon 9700) isnt what they should be looking at. Also the Geforce FX was just annouced today and will be available in Feb, so you might have customers asking about it... It will be better then the 9700 but no one knows by how much (I dont think it will be way better).

What province are you in? you gotta hook me up with a job at futureshop... ;)