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Any word on when the 2.4GHz P4 is going to be out in the US?

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Mar 18, 2002
The Parabolic Quantum Well
I know that they are selling them in Japan already, but does anybody have any work on when the 2.4GHz P4s are coming out in the US. I hear it will be out this coming Monday, April 1, but I also hear that it won't be out until April 24. I want to know cause if they come out on April 1, I can wait till Monday to order my 2GHz P4 hoping for a decent price drop, if not I could order it tomorrow. I already have everything else I need on the way or already here. Thanks.
I saw a recent Intel road map and they showed the 2.4 Northwood being released just prior to their planned across the board CPU price reductions on April 14. So, IF this is correct, then the 2.4 should be out by April 14 at the latest (I hope).
jazztrumpet216 said:
I heard that it will be released on April 1st, though you won't see a price drop on the 2.2 until the 14th or so.

Thanks for your replies, I hope that they have a price drop on the 1st, particularly the 2GHz model, which is what I plan on purchasing.