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any1 had this before?

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Apr 4, 2003
Essex, UK
ok, today i faced my 1st MAJOR **** up of mu overclocking life, and was just wondering if any1 has had this before?

i overclocked the chip to 200x12.5 with hell alot of vcore, 1.9 i think and 1.7 vdd... it wasnt getting to hot because i had a smartfan on full blast the temp was around 40 idle. when i booted up to windows it takes me to a error screen with loads numbers and writing, so i tought, HEY! lets give it mroe vcore! (smart move huh?) so i did 1.95 and then booted again, this time the loading screen appears (the window with the bars going across WINXP PRO) but it then stop and just fails to load into windows!!

so i cleared the cmos and loaded it up in default settings, but the window loading screen does the same thing! i was so damn scared that i fried something (since im a noob in all) i then booted up in safety mode, and it worked fine! so i tried normal mode again, and it does the same thing!!!

in the end i just reinstalled windows, and everything was fine, so far... *prays to god everything will be back to normal*

note to self: never overclock mroe when u get errors u've never seen before....

any1 had this before? and any1 know why this happened? thanks alot, bye!!


Apr 21, 2003
probably corrupted some system files ( drivers most likely, as safemode doesnt load most of them anyways).

Had something like that when i hit 240 FSB, but not at 200


Super Speedy Senior
Jan 18, 2003
The 1st one was BSOD I think the second after rasing the vcore got to the loading section but then failed I think you might want to try alittle less of a overclock or if you fill harry alittle more voltage.

Thing to try less of a overclock more vdd and safe measure read more on the problem. There is many time's I have not been able to boot but due to the fact that I'am alittle more aware of what my system will do I hardly ever have a problem loading or getting BSOD I do fail prime 95 alot and 3dmark but thats just about once a wekk when I'am tring something new.