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Any1 know of a good and quiet AMD cooler?

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Good, quiet, and AMD dont really go together. If you want good and quiet, dont go with AMD. If you want good and AMD, you wont find quiet.
there was some ultra quiet hsf out there I remember tom's hardware reviewing, but I am not sure if you can buy it, and if so, then it was really expensive. Other than that, I can't think of a good hsf that is not loud. Intel on the other hand has much quieter hsf as they do not give off nearly as much heat.
pii100 (Apr 26, 2001 05:57 p.m.):
some korean company makes a flower like hsf in wich the fan is not attached to the heatsink

Thats called a Zalman - I have 4 sitting here, but not had time to try them. A cooler that impressed me is the thermoengine with the stock fan - thats very quiet compared to a lot of fans. Also, the WBK has the ability to support an 80mm which will also be quiet.
I have an FOP32-1 and it's relatively quiet..... but if you want to do any kind of overclocking you're just going ot have to learn to deal with the noise, or watercool, one of the two. The 80MM fan thing also works pretty well from what I hear, I would get a high CFM fan and use one of those adapters, though. Placing an 80 MM fan directly on a heatsink such as the FOP or the WBK leaves a big dead spot directly over the core, which kinda kills the benefits of having the 80MM.

You can have quiet good cooling in an air cooled AMD system.

The 80mm fan trick does work wonders, and there really isn't any more of a dead spot, as most centers of 80mm fans are about the same size as the 38cfm Deltas...and yuo also get more blade size.

I currently have an FOP38 with a low CFM 80mm, and it keeps my tbrid900 at 48C at 1017.

However, I just ordered a week ago the new GlobalWin WBK38...it has the same fan clip style that will allow for the 80mm fan to be attached. Also, I got...I believe it was a 40+ cfm 80mm fan for it...that should keep things nice and cool, yet be pretty quiet.

Check out www.heatsinkfactory.com. They put dBa ratings with all their fans, as well as CFM ratings so you can find your balance.

Currently the WBK is 25 bucks, add an 8-10 dollar fan, do some lapping, get some Artic Silver grease, and you'll be cool and quiet.

Also, the less efficient FOP series is about 19 now...but I wouldn't bother trying to save the 6 bucks and get teh wbk...

Hope you keep your cpu cool and quiet.

Troubled (Apr 26, 2001 05:32 p.m.):
Any1 know of a good and quiet AMD cooler?

I know an AMD Cooler without fan. It deals with little leafs in copper and gold: Zalman CNPS3100 Gold. You can find it on Actualis.com (in French, sorry).
Ithink that's what you need
here is some rather quiet and dirt cheap HSK. Get a Cooler Master DP5-6H51 for $10, remove the sissy stock fan, replace with a $10 Sanyo Dendi 80x80, 2900 DBA, 2900 rpm and 36.6 cfm then there we go... quite cheap and quiet and could be effective as any fancy, hype... lousy... noisy Delta out there... My 800 Duron @ 1066mhz, full load under prime 95, never get higher than 40C, just between 31C and 39C, depend on the room temp. With the delta Fan in bed room, that could be as noisy as you are sleeping on the run way of JFK AirPort.
Like the man said buy a cheap *** HSF and take the fan off but here is were I would differ...I have a 120MM fan blowing into a duct that goes to the heatsink on mine...While my cpu is an Intel and runs cooler anyway the temps barly get over 30c and usually run around 25c under normal operations...
Just a thought