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Anybody know for sure????

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Jul 3, 2001
Houston Texas
I bought some Intel 2.6Ghz 800fsb P-4's that are supposed to be brand new with only the box's opened, but the processors never taken out of the case...I was told that Intel sends their CPU's with the processor die pointing up...The three I bought have the processor die down with the pins pointing up when you are looking at the top of the case...I was told that they always have the die pointing up and that they had been opened...I pulled out my little lighted magnifing glass and it sure looks like they have never been opened...Just trying to find out "for sure" that Intel only ship's their processor's die up...Dont want to read the guy the riot act as I buy lots of parts from him and dont want to burn any bridges...If you look in the classifieds under motherboards and cpu's you can see a picture that Maxvla is hosting for me... Two 2.6Ghz 800fsb P-4's...Any help would be greatly appreciated...:)
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