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Anybody using an AMD board as a DAW???

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Mar 4, 2001
Atlanta, GA
I built a pc for a buddy of mine using an A7V133 and he wants to do some hard disk recording on it. So we put in a pci card from an outfit called Mark Of The Unicorn (MOTU) that apparently won't play nice with VIA chipsets. If anyone out there has one of these cards called the MOTU PCI-324 up and running on a T-bird pc, please let me know what mobo you're using it with. Any help would be appreciated.


Have you tried a different PCI slot for the card or perhaps treating it as a non-PNP card and setting the resources manually in the BIOS?
Good luck.
Not to start a flame war, and I'm definitely not an expert on audio, but I've got lots of friends who are and they all use a Mac. They've done it for years and all have high-end studios in their basements and I've helped them hook their Macs up and with the dual G4 proc. they're loving life.

Definitely not to start a flame war.
I'll give it a go with forcing the resources in the bios. I've tried pretty much everything else I can think of. Rugby may have a point with the Mac talk. The manual that came with the card and external processor is one of those that read for Windows on one side and Mac when you flip it over vertically. The MOTU tech folks sent a fax that said that the "newer" Via chipsets with the "latest" 4in1 drivers have been "reported" to work, but I think they are a little more Mac centric. They did suggest that we switch over to a Chipzilla board. I'm considering picking up a 1Ghz P3 and putting it on a P3B-F that I have here and then just swapping him for the A7V133 and that 1 ghz. Tbird. Frankly I'd rather have the AMD rig and he'd be happy just doing his recording. Thanks for the posts. Later,