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anybody with expetience with FIC AZ11-E

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Hello all.
I'm getting ready to assemble a system for my daughter and was wondering if anybody has any experience with the FIC AZ11-E board.
I've used their 503+ boards as well as the AZ11 in the past. 503's were great for overclocking, but the AZ11 sure has it's limits. The new "E" version of that board (with it's multiplier adjustments by jumper), is supposed to be pretty good from what I've read, very stable etc.
I also have an AZUS A7V and am very happy with it. But the AZ11-E looks to have a few advantages in the economics side of this, with it's lower price and on board sound.
I'm not looking for state of the art, 266FSB, DDR RAM, RAID etc, just a good board for the money, with some overclocking ability. I might even keep it for myself and give her that AZ11 I have now.
DURON 600 @ 1050MHz 105*10 1.88V 53C
ASUS A7V 256MBs PC133
GLOBAL WIN 32, 3 case fans in a modified case
PLEXTOR 12/10/32
disregard the signature, this week I'm @ 1050MHz
Dunno, but im gonna build one up tommorrow, if UPS delivers it on time.
My old man needed something cheap, and he could care less about overclocking, so I used the AZ11-e as the motherboard.

If I have time, ill try to clock it up some, and let you know how it went.
We are gonna use a Geforce DDR card that he already has, Maxtor 30 gig 7200 drive, 128 megs of probably generic ram.
I would state that FIC's quality has waned severely since their first Irongate outing into Slot A and that as such I would no longer even contemplate purchasing one.
for the money probably the best buy.. make sure it has kt133a
Well, The FIC seems to be a pretty good board. Got everything working with not problems what-so-ever.
I was able to overclock the TBIRD 900 to 990 without doing the Pencil trick, which I thought was weird.

The AZ11 comes with a good assortment of software... Norton stuff, a fsb software overclock utillity for windows, uh .. uh, a bios boot screen .bmp editer, and more stuff that ive already forgotten about. Also has a voice warning system too. Alot of options for a cheap board.
Core voltage and the multiplier can be set with dip switches on the motherboard.
I thank you for the replies, but I already have an AZ11 up and running. Not a bad board, but limited. I am looking for anyone whow has had experience with the FIC AZ11 "E". This is a newer board with adjustments for FSB, voltage and multipliers. Most importantly the multipliers. For an investment of less than $100.00 including on board sound, it seems like an ideal compromise between price & performance.
DURON 600 @ 1050MHz
ASUS A7V 256MBs PC133
On my posts above, I was refering to the AZ11-E.
have you played with the multipliers yet?
I haven't gotten one yet, I'm still debating. On the surface it looks like a good board for the money.
For 120 bucks more you can get a EPOX 8kta3 from www.newegg.com shipped.
You can do all the overclocking in the bios with it, instead of playing with dips.
Frank: I have both an AZ 11 board and an AZ 11E board. I find both to be very stable. I have the AZ 11 running a 700 Mhz Duron with plenty of ram (384 megs) and Windows 2000. I have a 30 gig Maxtor DiamondPlus ATA 100 (only gets 66) and an ATI rage 128 GL 16 meg AGP Video. My wife has it at work as her machine and it runs well. I've had the board since September and it is rock solid. I upgraded to an AZ 11E board. I have a 1 gig TBird overclocked to 1188 (11.5x 103 FSB) It is also rock solid. I have 2-128 meg chips of Crucial pc 133 CL2 ram. I have the bios memory set at 133, CL2 and interleave 4 and WOW my Sandra scores are phenomenal. I am cooling the CPU with a GlobalWin FOP38 and ArticSilver II Thermal Paste. I have an Enlight 7237 case. I bought a 300 watt PC Power & Cooling TurboCool PS. I have an IBM 75 GXP 45 gig ATA 100 7200rpm HD with a Hercules OEM GForce II MX video card. I run Win2k with SP1 OS. This baby is FAST and stable. I recommend the AZ 11E board. Good luck and ask me more if you want as I have spent ALOT of time with these boards "tweaking" learned much
Thanks to all for the replies.

I went to a show last weekend and left with an ASUS A7V133, I already have an AZ11 with blue core T-BIRD 650 @ 650 and an A7V with a DURON 600 @ 1050 rock solid.

I built the AZ11 at the end of Aug last year, It has been pretty good, but can't compare to the A7V, in either stability or performance.

I've got the new board up and running, still shaking it out. The best I've gotten so far is 1130MHz, 133*8.5. The newer KT133A chipset makes a big difference, FSB can now go over 107.

Since I have the AZ11, I already have a basic system and decided to go the other way, step up form the first issue of the A7V. Although I'm still intrigued by the AZ11E and what sounds like low cost, fairly high performing board. I still may bite on this one, my nineteen year old son says he's ready for a new one. I think my daughter is going to end up with the AZ11.

Ignore the signature, that was last week. Currently DURON 600 @1130MHz on a new A7V 133, air cooled. Even better for the $50.00 chip! I'm on a mission now, I've got to hit 1.2G,............ then what?
The guy that i work with just ordered 45 FIC AZ11E mobo's(i work on a military base) and in the computer department-after we got then we are VER happy with them -we use some of them as hosts(running fibre optic lines-45MB/sec transfer rate)-they can overclock well-then only thing is that we use intel chips-the military hasnot started carrying the amd chips through our supply system YET-o well hope it goes well