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Anyone else have problems with DEFOGGER?

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Jan 31, 2002
ON, Canada
Greetings all!

Has anyone else here had issues with using a defogger kit to bridge the L5 connections? Just today my computer says all of a sudden Warning XP found blah blah....it did it a while ago too, but just stopped one day.

I've had to re-do them about 3 times, and sometimes that doesn't fix it. I use the defogger, then put tape over top of it - is there something more permanent I could do?
i dunno, i've unlocked 3 cpu's with defoger paint. no problems with any of the unlocks at the time or later.
You might take extra special pains to make sure the little gold dots are whistle clean before you use the defog paint. Some people have reported some sort of coating on them, and this would explain your unreliable results. Anybody out there have cleaning tips, other than the usual pencil eraser and alcohol ? They are kind of recessed and hard to get to..
yes, you will have to scratch the pins a tad.

I got the l5 unlock really ez.. but i can't get the l1's to unlock on mine :( .. o well.
ahhhhh...I didn't scratch the pads, and it's acting up again. I guess I'll redo it tonight. Any tips on removing the defogger stuff that's on there now?
I found that after about six months it would revert back and I would have to redo the bridges. My friend has the same prob.
I just redid them like this:

Using alcohol, removed old defogger.
Went over the pins several times with alcohol and pencil eraser
Cleaned with Q-Tip
Redid bridges with defogger, several coats.

And the first boot said 1 x XP processor :(

did you make sure the laser cut was completely filled. i found the easiest and cleanest is the crayon trick. who ever thought that one up shuold get a cookie or somthing. i whent to an electronics store and bought a conductive pen, but it was high $18.00. never tried the defogger paint.
gas-man said:
I read several times that filling the laser cut is not required (L5)

my bad. i thought you wer talking about the 5th l3 on the new xp's. but then i see you are talking about the 1600+. but still i was thinking that if you didn't fill the laser cutt ,than when you made the conection, and the conductive material got into the laser cut it shorts out the conection?
I talked to people on this board, as well as an instructional web site and it said that it really didn't matter - you could just "smear it all over" (of course, only on the last of the L5 bridges)

I had done this a couple of times before, and all was fine until all of a sudden one day boom - it would say XP, then MP, then XP, etc. etc.

But now, every single boot reads 1 x XP

I hope it's not possible that this could be CPU failure....