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Anyone ever paint their monitor?

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Dec 27, 2000
Pasadena, CA
Just curious if its safe to paint monitors. Has anyone done this before? I'd like my beige monitor to match with my black case.

But the thing is, like all monitors, it has vents/holes in the back and I'm afraid if i spray paint, the paint might damage or cover up important parts inside.


Aug 13, 2001
Montreal & Toronto
in my opinion it should not damage your Monitor if you remove the case befaure you paint when its dry use a screw or something small anouf to fit inside the vent holes and run it trow all the holes ( Might be long but hell ) to make sure theres no paint covering the air vents and it should performe/cool the same way and Presto you got a "new" monitor im gona do the same with my case when im done modding = )

hope it works out for you, Good Luck

-this post is in no way accurate...it is only my opinion so if it blows up, not my fault =p -

Gravity Man

Oct 4, 2001
Edina, MN
I've heard people mention it, but I've never actually seen a painted monitor.

You would definitely need to remove the platic housing around your monitor to prevent damaging the insides. However, inside of a monitor, there are capacitors which can hold a lethal charge of electricity for an indefinite period of time. If you know what you're doing with high voltages and the precautions to take, you should be fine, but if you need to ask I'd advise strongly against messing with a CRT.

Crazy Jayhawk

Jul 14, 2001
Hutchinson, KS
This is how I painted my monitor.

Step 1: Mask over the screen. Newspaper and ordinary masking tape may be too porous for this, so try scotch tape and plastic wrap.
Step 2: Remove your monitor's swivel stand if it has one.
Step 3: Locate the screws that hold on the back section of the plastic casing and remove them.
Step 4: Put a pillow on your work surface and set your monitor screen down on it. Pull the back casing off.
Step 5: Put on insulating gloves. Gardening gloves would work well for this.
Step 6: Cover the metal bits inside the monitor with several layers of newspaper or plastic wrap.
Step 7: Paint the two sections of the casing and the stand if you have one. Wait for the paint to dry. You want this to look good, so give it some time.
Step 8: Remove the mask over the back of the monitor and reattach the back casing. You can now remove the gloves.
Step 9: Remove the mask over the screen and reattach the swivel stand if you have one.
Step 10: Cross your fingers and test your monitor.


Mar 22, 2002
just tape over all holes, cracks and buttons. I painted my 10 year old 14" that I use on my server... no sweat, good luck!