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Anyone ever use Dental Floss to remove a sink?

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Shadow ÒÓ

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Dec 20, 2000
Pensacola, Florida USA
It's been in the news, some of the oldest and most famous prison breaks were done with the help of Dental Floss. Using the string as a saw, it's durable enough to cut through steel.

Anyone ever consider cutting through epoxy with it? Just a thought.
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Dental... what!? You have the wrong white stuff stuck in the wrong thingie I think...

I think that belongs under general hardware or mods :).
My only concern is you might end up shaving off some of the memory chips or GPU. So you'd want to be real careful and work on the angle of it. And I have a feeling you'd go through a few rolls of dental floss. As you rub it across the steel, the fibers would wear out. Perhaps they coated the floss with something?
Piano wire or the core of a D chord from a guitar string is often used to remove windshields from them sticky poly rubber seals. Dangerous stuff! =)

Looks at computer......Looks at guitar.....looks at bottle of Gin.....looks at can of coke..... mmmm....Neat...

But how would you keep it form cutting your hands? You would have to wear leather gloves or something like that to keep from getting cut. I think that even dental floss would hurt your hands because you would have to keep it tight for it to have any effect on the heatsink's epoxy. Cool concept though.