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Anyone ever use one of these core crushers???

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Apr 21, 2001
OH-Heartland of the USA
My first thought was that there would be no need for the CPU pads with this one!!
Anyone else ever seen these or know if they have been reviewed??
that look like it might actually rock -but as far as HS are concerned the bigger the surface ares the greater the heat dissapation-its easier to get rid of heat from a 3in piece of metal over a 1cm piece -with a small contact piece like that i doubt it do that good- other wise the design looks superior
I found a review on it but it doesn't say anything about how it sits on the core.
They are rated for up to 1.5 gig...???

It does look like a good design, but I agree that the shroud would limit heat disipation. The idea is to direct air flow, but I bet it hinders more than helps.
This is one of the Molex quiet HSFs. It's NOT great for cooling, about as good as your stock OEMs. Definitely not something to overclock with. What it is is very quiet. It's also a pretty good cooler for PIIIs and Celerons. No way would I use it on a Tbird or Duron, no way. I think frostytech.com had a review on this particular cooler in the last month.