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Anyone figure out how to get the HDD Led to work on a kk266-r?

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Mar 14, 2001
I've been looking in the manual and I honestly can't find where it is :( It's gotta be there somewhere I would imagine. AAARRGGGGHHHHHHH
I have the same question here. The manual is useless as I have tried to connect it to the two that they have mentioned, I believe one is the ACPI connector and ALED, or something like that(I'm at work and don't have the manual here). I'm anxious to find out what the hell am I doing wrong.
That's easy, on page 12 of your manual. Plug the hd led connector to ALED (IDE LED) Pin 7,8. There is no pin 2 but you have to count the missing space as pin #2. When you get you led light to work, please let me know if the light on yours is dim like mine, not as bright as I seem. Have you installed the raid ultility software, I reinstalled windows few time just to have it work but some remote files was not installed, does your have this problem?
Hey Nomis,

Here's another response to your post. I have indeed tried pins 7&8, but it doesn't seem like it's on. I guess I have to check it in the dark with all the lights out if it's dim.
Is the white wire connect to pin 8 and purple or the color wire connect to Pin 7. It won't work if it is the wrong way. please check.
ahh coolness. I just pulled my cpu out and rma'd it back this morning. as soon as my new cpu arrives tomorrow i will fire it up and try it out and let you know if it works and how bright it is. thanks for the info
well my new cpu finally arrived :) anyway thanks for the info as my hdd light works now, and yes it is dim. better to be dim then to not work at all though :) thanks again