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Anyone found a UV Dye reseller?

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New Member
May 16, 2001
www.caseetc.com charges $15 for a 1 oz. bottle which i think is a ripoff(pretty sure contractors get can get 8oz. for $15).

Has anyone been able to find a less expensive reseller or a non-crappy alternative?

In case u have no idea what i am talking about, there is such thing as UV Dye used in coolant leak detection. Put the dye in the coolant and u can use a a UV lamp(blacklight) to find the now glowing leaks. Watercooling modders put it in their cooling systems because it makes all ur hoses and stuff glow under a blacklight.
I don't use the stuff, but you should be able to purchase some from an automotive supply outlet.

It is common practice in the automobile industry to check for coolant leaks with a 'Blacklight'.

A good auto parts house will have what you need..just call ahead and ask if they have 'coolant dye'. It should run you about 5 USD.

The auto places i have visited and called did not carry any and one plumbing place i talked to said if i could find it in town, I would have to have a contractor's license to buy it.
you want some ill send you some. you only a little bit to make damn near everything glow any good garage in town is bound to have some leak detect equip. the stuff is hella strong as far the amount you will need will be very little.