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Anyone have experience with Buffalo routers and DD-WRT?

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It is supposed to run DD-WRT but I do not know if anyone here has persona; experiance with that particular combination. That is one of the routers recommended to me by rainless a couple days ago when I had a similar thread(look down a couple for "talk to me about wireless routers", there is some good information in there.) I went with the Linksys WRT54GL over it. A couple reasons but two most important was I needed it now so next day delivery was important and warranty from an ebay item is not something I want to count on.

Another issue was the N specification. From my understanding the spec is not finalized and N products from different manufactures will not necessarily play nice together. With that being said Buffalo is not the easiest manufacture to come by in this country. Compared to Linksys or others that you can pick up at Best Buy or even Wal-mart in a pinch.

Thats about as far as my admitidly limited knowledge on the subject goes. I am sure some other users a little more knowledable on the subject will chime in.
i'm not worried about the warranty thing...i also have Belkin and Netwear wireless G routers that aren't being used. i'll probably sell one and keep the other as a backup. the problem is that they're both locked hardware and being a overclocker/modder/hacker/tweaker, i can't leave anything alone. i have to be able to mess with it. i have a overclocked computer, an unlocked and hacked HTC smartphone, an unlocked and hacked HP iPaq PocketPC, a custom firmwared PSP, i hacked my girlfriends Canon Digital camera, and i pad modded the CPU in my work computer. so, as you can see, i NEED arouter that i can mess with and unlock extra features. i'm just trying to do some research because i really hate expensive, useless bricks.
was it difficult? my girl is gonna be peeved when i buy it...she be even more peeved if i immediately break it.
Putting DD-WRT on my WHR-HP-G54 (on the day I bought it) was relatively easy. Most of the DD-WRT-compatible routers should have specific instructions written for the particular model linked from the main site or via google. Getting mine running basically involved a simple tftp command given over ethernet during the router's boot sequence and that was about it, so you shouldn't have much trouble with it.
Yeah. Buffalo makes some awesome products. I have my eye on a couple of their things now.
I've got a WHR-HP-54G flashed to ddwrt. I really like ddwrt, but if you want to add high gain antennas I would suggest another model with both the transmit and receive antennas exposed.

Also this model has a sort of built in amplifier so you can't really boost the mw rating that much or you'll fry the router. 95% of people would love this or any model with dd-wrt... I just like to tinker quite a bit.

After using dd-wrt for a while I will only buy routers that it will work on.
After using dd-wrt for a while I will only buy routers that it will work on.

Same here. I am running 2 Linksys WRT54GLs. I bought both so I could run DDWRT and have since day one, I love the software.

As for the install its easy and they provide nice instructions on their website. They even have a very helpful wiki if i remember correctly.