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Anyone have or know about Asrock P4S55FX+ ?

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Jul 1, 2004
Anyone have this board or know anything about it? It is supposed to have something called Hybrid Booster which allows Vcore adjustment and FSB adjustment. It indeed allows FSB adjustments in 1mhz increments, but I can't locate an adjustment for Vcore. I've emailed Asrock support about it. Anyway, I can't get my FSB over 120 without it either BSODing or Star Wars KOTOR crashes after about 5 minutes. I think I could get some stability with more voltage. FYI, I have a P4 2.0A Northwood. Heat isn't a problem at this point. I've played KOTOR for 2-3 hours with it at FSB 120 and it never got above 35 celsius. That's at the default Vcore though, so that's probably why it didn't get very warm.

Anyone know wtf this stuff is? The manual is a little vague.
VDDQ voltage
VCCM voltage
IDE driving strength
ZCLK / AGP / PCI frequency mode
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