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anyone have the EPoX 8K9A2+ KT400?

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I dont have the +, but I do have the 8K9A2, and I'm pretty happy with it. I can use multipliers from 5.5 to 23, and I've had my fsb up as high as 204. My only complaint was the passive northbridge cooling, but i fixed that with an amd stock hsf :)

Id say between those two systems, the 2400+ would probably edge out the p4...might be a little different story with an rdram setup though
I have the 8K9A2+. It's is by far the easiest to OC board I have ever had. First of all, it unlocks all the multipliers in a T-bred. Just drop the multiplier and run at high FSB. If you can get it to run around 180-200, that should perform significantly better than a 2.26 P4.
drewthomas14 said:
how does an overclocked 2.26 compare to an overclocked 2400

A lot of it would have to do with how far you can overclock either one of them. Assuming you can get 2.35Ghz or so from the AMD, you'd have to get around 2.75Ghz from Intel. Since most people are having trouble getting more than 2.35Ghz on AMD without special cooling, if you can get more than 2.75Ghz with Intel, that'd be better than AMD.
Great board. 2800xp at 2500mhz on air at 200 fsb, great scores highly tweakable. Better scores than I got with dual ch. ddr on a Chaintech NF2 at similar settings.
i don't have it, but i know it is a very good mobo, especially for overclocking!
kelvinblade said:
u mean the board unlocks the processor so you don't have to do it yourself?

The board unlocks all T-Bred CPUs so you have ALL the multipliers available to you. I haven't tried it with a Pally, but I would assume you would still have to manually unlock those.
It only has Vcore to 2V which is a little disappointing. Otherwise it looks pretty good.
Considering that the default voltage on the new T-Bred are 1.5 and 1.65, 2.0V should be sufficient. On the T-Bred A's, that's a 33 percent overvolt which it quite a bit and I've heard stories of guys setting it to 2.2V and burning their chips.