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Anyone have the Koolance Case?

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New Member
Apr 21, 2001
If so how is it working out. I know most here are hardcore and probably laugh at the case but it seems cool and not much hassle and prob has good mod potential. ANyway to those that have it does it look like it would be a problem to just do away with that crap PS that comes with it and add your own. I want to do away with the PS cooling option and either want to remove it and put in my enermax. Leave the PS cooling block hanging or preferably disconnected. Before anyone says just wait and order it later, its too late I ordered it early last week before I know the PS was suspect when it came to DDR and Its arriving monday or TUes. I could of course ship it back but thats on my dime and it would prob take a month to get a replacement since they now have a large backlog. I dont have DDR right now but I have a 1.3G AXIA with a A7V133, CDR, DVD, Zip and 2 HDs and 512 M pc133 cas222. One thing I dont need right now is power problems.
I am currently using a Koolance case with the H2O colled PS, CPU and Video option. The waterblock is very poorly finished and the case temps can be excessively hot due to the lack of fans. I modified the PS and added a 80mm 42.5cfm Sunon fan, as well as another 80m fan on the back of the case. Even with all of this air flow, the case temps average 89-95 degrees. My CPU temps under full load hit 113 degrees for a 1 ghz PIII FC-PGA. The cooling fans for the radiator, or water sink as it happens to be, do not cycle on and off often enough to reduce the temps effectively. The tubing is only 1/4" and this is simply not geared toward the O/C crowd. It is, however, a good quiet case if you don't utilize your CPU for intensive 3D games, or other programs that heat up the graphics card and CPU, don't O/C, and want a virtually silent case. I don't fit this profile and am building a custom water cooling system in a CVT clear case.