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anyone havin probs with G4 Ti4400

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Apr 6, 2002
mass usa
ever since i got my new Pny Verto Geforce 4 Ti 4400 i have been having problems with the puter.
i have windows xp and when i leave the puter alone i switch users so i stay logged on. when my mom goes on her screen name does her stuff and logs off and i try to log on the puter reboots. it does it every time without fail.
i heard that this might be a psu issue so i got a 480W for 50 bucks. ( needed one anyways) and i am hoping that this might fix it.
if anyone else has had the same thing happen with their card i would appreciate some help on fixing this. thanks
aahh yes... finally.. I'm not alone... I have a PNY G4 ti 4600... I started a thread but no one really responded.. I guess PNY isn't so popular.. here's what I wrote... and please respond.. thanks..

I'd like to say first off that I love the Performance and Image quailty of my PNY G4ti4600.. Radeon 8500 can't do 1600x1200 4xAA in any life time. Playing games at those settings is a dream.

So what's wrong?? Well ever since I popped in the card I get a lot more cold boots or boots to the bios than ever before. Then sometimes when I boot up I get artifacts all over the screen to the point where I can't read a thing (before I get to windows). I have to remove my card and move it around while in the slot to stop it from happening!!! what the hell?? Sometimes it takes me like 30 trys before it freaken works!!?? Of course I thought it might be to my Overclocked PC. I put EVERYTHING at default and I had the SAME PROBLEM. I would also like to point out that this is all without any modds to the card at all..

What else?? THE TV OUT STINKS. The pic is filled with static and fuzz.. horrible to the point where it can't be used. I've tried different cables and lengths. I have a 20" Sony Flat Screen WEGA.
My notebook with a crappy ati 4MB runs my TV out like a dream.
Anyone know what this could be??

If anyone has experianced stability issues with there G4ti 4600 card please speak out.. it just doesn't make sense

Finally the card is a Tease when it comes to overclocking.. I have a Alpha 1U cooler with a 21CFM fan, Ram Sinks, and a passive heatsinks on the back. 330/730 seems to work great on some games and crash on others. Anyway my FINAL OC speed is 320/720 100% stable. I can run everything at 325/730 but every once in a while my screen will blank out. yet I get no artifacts. If you want to do a 100% stability test run the G4 wolfman demo with 4xAA overnight.. This is a very sensitive demo. 3Dmark2001 isn't enough trust me.
my pny geforce 4 ti 4600 has had some strange problems also, 2 times in my 1 month of having this thing i get white and colerful lines all over my screen i po p another card in its nt my comp its the card, i figuerd it outafter a while i take the card out and bend it back in forth till it makes a craking noise put the card back in and it works just fine this pny card is a peice of crap !!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
HOLY SH1T!! I do the same exact thing.. bend it back and forth and it works again for a few hours... and what is that dam cracking noise?? I HATE PNY!!!... PNY DIE DIE DIE:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
i dont have anything that bad its just that when i switch useres it reboots. i am praying that the new 480W psu i just ordered will fix it.
Overclocker456 said:
yeah but don't you void the warranty if you add ramsinks and but a different cooler on your GPU?????
I don't know about that but I do know it's voided if you smash transisters and rip apart pcb traces, Opps that was the Visiontek. My Asus ti 4600 gets here in the morning, can't wait. Already with ram sinks and a copper gpu hsf. Plus a couple games I'll never play.
Originally posted by Overclocker456
yeah but don't you void the warranty if you add ramsinks and but a different cooler on your GPU?????

Yes, you do. Unless you call them and ask about it.
Even if it didn't, you send the card away and your sinks are GONE ! They give you a new card/ not ur's fixed.

That's why I don't add them with Super duty adheasive.

Everyone says to put them on with AS adheasive, and the'll NEVER come ff again.

I say to you who do that: BaaaHahahahaha!
1 card glitch and ur screwed. VOIDED WARRANTY ? !!!!! DOH!

Swap the cooler back to the stock 1, try to get the rams sinks off,
if you can't call and ask the MFG. about it. If they say No. Well...
Flush the Big Bucks then.

d00d: GPU coolers are cool to do, so are ram sinks. but on a $200.oo + card?
GPU yes, sinks, no. at least the non-removeable type.

I don't know what to say ... but Good Luck.

my Ramsinks and aplha 1U cooler is NEVER COMING Off.. I tried to remove my copper cooler to RMA my radeon and well.. lets say half the core is on the heatsink and the rest is on the card..
well.. lets say half the core is on the heatsink and the rest is on the card..

I didn't want to say it before, but I'm sorry. Really. I feel for your loss. I hate throwing $ out the window. :(

I will tell you something debatable.
Something I've be laughed at B4, because of it.
But, I can still RMA my stuff, (got a card on the way now)

If you attempt what I am about to describe. You are the 1 doing it. I am not responcible for what YOU do.
nuff said.

I use ASx and Elmers Glue. :eek:
ok, when ur done laughing.......

I 1st lap the sink, then apply "a little AS" on.
Smear it with my finger, as not to have toooo much out the sides.
(none if possible)
Press the sink on.
Then around the Edges put some good 'ole Elmers Glue, and let it dry. (Hair drier maybe)
Then apply some more. where need be. [not on anything that sticks up/ off the card] Tracers are ok tho.

Let everything dry completely.
You should be ok then.

I had 2 cards do fine like this, I killed 1 card straight up.
(don't know why, I didn't screw the process up any)

Hello RMA Dept.... I don't know,it just died...... :D (card from above)

Good Luck.
Hope this helps.