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anyone here have the XP 2700 yet?

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Sep 28, 2002
Juneau Alaska
just curious.
I recieive mine in a day or two from newegg.

still wondering how it OC's and such.
I saw the 3.3 ghz shot, but on LN2 it's hardly exciting.
if I can't use it day in and day out at a given speed it's hardly exciting. a nice achievement and all though.:cool:

just curious though.
I expect we will start seeing results either today or tommorrow. I will have mine tommorrow. Just hoping it will work with my bios.
I have a aiucb 2700 now and hope to have a auigb one on Thurs. The aiucb one only does around 2360 on Air at 1.85v with complete stability. I think the aiugb one will clock higher.
what do u guys do for a living? how do u guys get the money to buy 2 2700+ cpu @ $400... geeze...
I should get mine tommorow according to the fed ex numbers.
just wish my friend would get back to me with my R9700.
he's volt modding it...
between the 6 hours he plays Unreal Tournement 2003 ;)

well, might as well let him play with it. he can do the job.
I am just excited to see these 2 in combination together when I get battlefield 1942.
I been holding off on that game cause I want some serious power to play with that game, I loved medal of honor allied assult and these WW2 games are just incredible.

now when my prometeia arrives in a week...
oh... I might as well just stop showering right now.
no ones gonna see me till spring.

just playing, but you get the idea:)
Well the given speed is XP2700 which is what you where buying, on water you might have a miracle XP2900 I'd sure be happy. Hell if you dont want it send it to me I could deal with it. Its the low Latency, High frag, low ping baby! I'll be glad when AMD starts flooding the market with these for XMAS.... since u cant give me hammer I want it....