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Anyone interested in Phase Change/Peltier cooling? Maybe we can brain storm...

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Dec 25, 2000
I'm interested in building a phase change peltier cooler for my system. Has anyone else thought of this?? Right now I have a small bar fridge with the evaporator directly in contact with the water. But I don't think the refridgerator is strong enough. Also has anyone though of pressurizing water and letting it expand? I've heard some guys with ASHRAE say they used to use that on those really old house size computers. Well thanks for any ideas or brainstorms.

Pressurizing water to cause a phase change (from liquid to ice) takes one heck of a lot of pressure. I'd think you would want to use a chemical that changes phase from (gas to liquid) with less pressure. Also, it gets hard to pump ice through tubes and blocks ;D

Hehehehe...yep, that would be a feat allright. :) I say just use a high powered TEC and liquid cooling. More enviromentally friendly, don't you agree? :) Or, just use one of those lab recirculators that can get coolant temps to around -30 to -40c, then you don't need a pump, reservoir, or radiator, its all in one package. That is the route I think i'm going to go when I get into super-fridger-ation... ;D I won't do that though until the Palamino's and Sledgehammers get here. And with those chips possibly being made of that isonic silicon stuff, that generates less heat or whatever, and it uses less power, man...those puppies are going to overclock something fierce. I can hardly wait. :)
Their are cooling units available for surgical lasers. They basically cool some form of alcohol based coolant down to -30 to -40C. They have a pump and the whole shot built in. I can't remember the URL of the place that has them. But I remember they were peltier based and cost around $400. But if it can keep a laser cool you can bet it will keep your CPU cool. Then all you would need is a DangerDen waterblock :)

If anyone knows were I can get one of those let me know the URL.
My thoughts exactly. I think Melcore has some, but i'm not sure, they are pretty easy to find tough. I think, that I will go that way instead. But what do you think? If you had that kind of cooling potential, would you just need to skip the TEC all together? Or use that killer cooler to cool the pelt? Hmmmmmm.....fascinating.
I've been looking into AC window units since they are far more powerful than refridgerators. They look like the way to go. Also when the palamino's come out i'd like to try total emersion with one see how that goes ;). I think a bunch of TEC's might actually cost more money than an AC Unit so I'm not sure which would be more cost effective and the AC unit would keep the house cool :). Well any other brainstorming ideas would be great.

-dasouthernocer =)
Submersion is a *****. Mineral oil might work, but its messy, and attracts dirt, so the unit will need to be sealed. Then your going to need a pump that can handle less viscous liquids like oil, and a cooler that can cool that. Or pay 500 dollars a gallon for some of that flouriment (sp?) from 3M that some other overclocker type dudes used, but that is just redicioulous. However, submersing the unit like that...no more condensation problems... :)
So i can just get a water tight box and put my computer in baby oil? it won't short anything out, or disolve anything?

And you still have to pump it around also? this still seems like less work than a watercooling system.
You can use mineral oil or silicone oil. I'm going to test it out this summer to see how well it works :). Hopefully it will work out well. I don't know if it's easier than watercooling but it will cool everything off instead of just one or two things. Should be nice and quiet though :).

-dasouthernocer =)