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Anyone know of an example web page without a toolbar, without a button bar, etc.

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c(n*199780) Senior Member
Feb 18, 2002
Long story short, once in a blue moon you come across a web page that has clickable links that open a web page without a toolbar or without a button bar or without scrollbars, and so on...
I've seen those periodically for more than 20 years.

I customize my Firefox and I know how I can force these web pages to display all these things so that they are not hidden.
What I can't do any more is force these clickable links to open web pages in full size. I can no longer override that.

Well over at Firefox forums they are telling me they never heard of such a thing...
So I need an example page because the one I am asking about is a private web page only accessible after a private log in, so I can't use it to show them.

Here's what I told them:

Setting almost all of these preferences to true will and still does override default settings and ensures that the specific feature is enabled and present on our modified Firefox, but I cannot get the window size to stay full size.

So about:config's setting dom.disable_window_open_feature. absolutely allows us to override the way content is presented.

Specifically setting most of these examples to TRUE still works:

close: Prevents the close button from being disabled.
directories: Prevents the bookmarks toolbar from being hidden.
location: Prevents the address bar from being hidden
menubar: Prevents the menubar from being hidden.
minimizable: Prevents window minimization from being disabled.
personalbar: Prevents the bookmarks toolbar from being hidden.
resizable: Prevents popup window resizing from being disabled.
scrollbars: Prevents the scrollbars from being disabled.
status: Prevents the status bar from being hidden.
titlebar: Prevents the title bar from being hidden.
toolbar: Prevents the navigation toolbar from being hidden.

But even though, like I said, I can control most or all other things, in Firefox 52, I cannot control window size...
If it cannot be controlled, so be it, but that is what I am asking... Sometimes the way these things are controlled changes in newer versions of Firefox, I am trying to find out if windows size is still controllable in current Firefox 52.

So once again, I need an example web page that the author has created so it opens in a smaller pop-up window.