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Anyone know what the PDA from CSI NY is?

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Apr 10, 2005
They use a Sahara Tablet, that I know. However, they have also started using a small handheld PDA like device in the last like 6 episodes. It looks like a 3-5" screen (hard to tell size from TV) with a thin black frame around it that fits in the hand. It kind of looks like a Nokia internet tablet (like they used in F4 rise of the silver surfer) but its not (unless its some custom Nokia mod, but they use the tablet and iPhones as is, so its doubtful). It might be an OQO, but its too thin for an OQO and there sems to be no keyboard. Anyone know what it is? Because I will buy it if it runs any kind of decent mobile OS.

I know the Sony VAIO UX Premium Micro PC is similar to the OQO, is it that?
Thanks for the reply! However, that's not it :). The UX is much bigger than the unit in CSI NY. That thing is palm/PDA sized and looks thin like 2 iphones. Actually, I had a UX390 (against my better instincts to never buy Sony) but it's battery life was terrible and build quality was not good (affirming my effort to never buy Sony). Luckily I was able to sell it fast. ;)

Actually I've got a Nokia 810 net tablet and I really like it but its too thick and there's not enough apps for the OS. Physically, the device in CSI NY looks perfect. I'll try and get a screen cap of it somehow.