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Anyone notice SETI is slower with XP running on 'older' systems?

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Feb 12, 2001
the Netherlands
I tried XPpro again now SP1 came out. My system's average WU time rose to around 7.5 to 8hrs under XPpro, while it was around 7hrs under Win2k. I'm sure you guys with PIV's and XP+'s aren't really noticing it, but there is a difference! Besides this I really didn't like a few other 'quircks' of XPpro so I restored my image of Win2k again. It's simply faster on my system and the team needs optimum WU output!

Oh and btw; that XPpro was tweaked. A lot of services were disabled, and a ton of system settings were optimized according to tweakxp.com while my Win2k setup is minimally tweaked. (gonna try and see if some of these XP tweaks work with 2k as well)


Senior whose title will pier
Mar 17, 2002
I noticed that with My K7 classic

it rose up from 7hr/wu to 8.5hr/wu

but it died anyways and is currently replaced with a p4 1600

I need friggin cash:mad: :D :rolleyes: :eh?: to upgrade even more cause my p4 is now experiencing about an extera 15min/a workunit. It used to be under 4hr/wu and now its over 4hr/wu


Jul 9, 2001
Louisville, KY
Lancelot...I read somewhere (inquirer maybe) about stuff that should be disabled/tweaked after installing the service pack for best performance. Wish I had a link. XP just seems to have more overhead. Maybe try setting priority higher and see if that makes a difference.

cool avatar ozzlo...maybe time for a format and clean install