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anyone overclocked a ledtek geforce 2 pro 64mb?

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New Member
May 4, 2001
has somebody expirience overclocking this card?
225/430 mhz or "real" ultra performance 250/460 mhz?
what about heat and stability and what kind of damage can do that oc to that card? it is just 2 days old and the next card (geforce 3 pro) i will buy is in winter 2002

thanx in advance

if kept at good temps you can easily get ultra specs out of it, mine is water cooled and am running 275/480
You'll have no problem keeping this card going till winter 2002 and well after that. The gpu which produces the heat doesn't get overclocked that much. Ram doesn't reall get to bent out of shape getting overclocked. I have never heard of anyone frying a graphics card by oveclocking it and I don't think you really have to worry as long as you don't go nutty on it.