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anyone run 3 way crossfire on 290x? Real world experience on 4k?

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Feb 16, 2016
Is it even worth it since 4k is capped at 60htz from monitor anyways.

Already have 2 cards. Building computer and got the crazy idea of having 3!

Already upped my power supply to AX1200 from TX850 in case my crazy *** every wanted to do 3 way!
Been wondering the same thing myself. I'm still using a TX850 so I would have to up my PS as it's MAXED out. Pulling 1100w from the wall while doing full load tests. Someone said that a 1500w would be needed to add another 290 to my rig. I've been thinking of just trading out the CF 290s for a Fury X. Then buy another Fury X down the road. If you do get another 290 let me know how it works out.
using cx750 to do 2 way crossfire on 290x and max 4k settings. no issues what so ever!!!
I wonder what 'max' settings means...

4K doesn't really need AA so that can be disabled and the rest on Ultra in many titles and still get solid FPS.