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Anyone running an AK31A + GF3 Ti500?

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Jun 24, 2001
in the garage
Last week I went through an absolute nightmare trying to install a GeForce 3 Ti500, where XP refused to boot into anything but safe mode(ie: using default vid drivers) no matter what drivers I tried(including the certified 23.83s or whatever they are). I was just wondering if it could be motherboard compatibility, and if I have a bad card or the AK31 rev. 3.1 just isnt' giving the card enough power or something. I'm using the default BIOS that came with the card, I guess I could check if needed.

Also, if nobody's using this board, anyone using the AK35GT-R with a Ti500?
hmmm, i am running the same board but w/the gf3 ti200 - the drivers are the same for both cards so i don't really see the difference......................i didn't have a prob w/the vid card but i posted a thread a while back about adding a SB audigy card that took an entire saturday night to load - did not see what sound card you are running and don't know if it could be causing a conflict...........BTW, it took about 6 tries to get my sound card loaded and then, later read @ one of the many hardware-reviewers' sites that they also had a hard time loading the exact same card (4 tries for them)...............you can always strip everything off, and start a basic reload w/mobo/memory/vid-card and try from there...............
Yeah, I suppose I *could* do that, but that would require quite a bit of effort ;)

I'm running an SBLive! Value, I'll try rip that out next time I try install the GF3, there might be IRQ conflicts...