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anyone send repair to apple?

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Aug 10, 2001
My iPod died, but just with in warrenty by a few days. :D It still cost $30 to repair :(. IDK, apple repair service seems sketcy, has anyone tried a repair with them before? It said my session timed out on the last page of the request so idk if it went through. They also would not let me put my home address to send to, so I had to put my school address, but... I leave for winter break soon, so IDK what will happen.

OH well, maybe apple will be nice and replace my ipod with one that actually works, and not charge me for more repair charges.
DaveSauce said:

Hrm, I'm glad I don't have an iPod

Anyone here have an iPod and can confirm this? I just can't believe that they'd charge $255 to replace the battery on an iPod.

The iPod is on death row if this is an actual, confirmed problem.......but then again, knowing mac fanatics....lol. They'll probably argue to death that it's more economical to buy an ipod than another HD mp3 player and keep buying batteries or something of the sort. You never know what the mac fanatics will do next, heh.

That's very odd, I can get there just fine. :rolleyes:
Maxvla said:

jesus.. this spreads everywhere and noone bothers to actually investigate.

you can buy a replacement battery from www.ipodbattery.com for 49 dollars and install it yourself.

now 49 dollars may sound like alot but remember this battery must be rechargeable, run a HD, circuitry, and power your headphones for 8-10 hours, and be the size of a 5 pack of doublemint. batteries of similar capacity/size are close in price. its not just because its an Ipod battery that its more expensive.

heck.. my cordless phone's battery is about 4 times the size and can only be used for around 4-5 hours (constant online) before needing recharging and it costs 20 dollars to replace.

Maxvla said:

Originally posted by DaveSauce
well yes, but think of your average mac user.....I'm assuming that it would take a bit of effort to get to the battery (i.e. screwdriver), which Im sure many people wouldn't want to do to a $400 piece of hardware......im sure a lot of people would rather shell out $250 to apple, rather than spend $50 and do it themselves.....which scares me, actually.

also, it's rather odd that apple would charge $250 for something that only costs $50. I mean, that's not just a ripoff, that's highway robbery. I mean, i can understand charging $100 to do it.....but 250 is a bit rediculous.

wrong again.

apples battery replacement service is 99 dollars. complete refurbishment is 250.

Sorry, I just can't be bothered to quote the entire thread, you really should have that 100 posts thing looked at..
noble2501 said:

Sorry, I just can't be bothered to quote the entire thread, you really should have that 100 posts thing looked at..
i didn't mean to have you quote the whole thread. i meant for you personally to read those because you seemed to be worried about the subject when there is nothing to really worry about.
Oh ok, sorry.

I guess my point was, that when I downloaded the movie clip from the site that the article pointed to. I came to the conclusion that the customer service and the repair prices are all pretty bad, untrustworthy. But I guess this is more of an opinion that fact. Sorry.
i'm not entirely sure but the 99 dollar battery replacement plan may have been put into effect due to this uprising, meaning prior to this occurance the only option available was to have it fully refurbished. if that is the case then i agree with the apple haters but the 99 dollar plan is much more responsible and regular consumers would be ok paying that for their 500 dollar device to last 2 more years.
Either way Maxvla because if the 99 dollar battery replacement was in affect then the CSR was trying to rip the guy off. That is of course if that was a real call they recorded.
It is my understanding that the 99 dollar replacement is only for those who are on the $50/year service plan. I believe that someone caluclated that you will save only $50 over their old $250 replacement plan.

I would actually like if someone could call apple and ask them about this. Hrm....mebbe if I get bored later today, thats just what i'll do, lol.
I would actually like if someone could call apple and ask them about this. Hrm....mebbe if I get bored later today, thats just what i'll do, lol.

Be sure to burn the phone when you're done...
hmm, well my iPod randomly started working again, after hitting it and pluging it into my computer it magically showed the apple logo. I'm so confused what happened, the last thing I did before my iPod died was fully charge it! and when it was revived a battery icon appeared on the screen. My battery isn't even that bad yet, plus i tried plugging it in many times. So i guess I'll keep it, save $30 and pray.

As for apple support, I swear there site just links you into loops when you search for support. There repair service is sketchy, I mean i cant ship to my home address because it wont ship to that zip code! There are no email contacts, and the phone service was out when I called. Plus after filing my claim twice, I have no email. Is there anyway I can make sure they do not charge my visa check card now? They never confirmed the charge, infact it gave an error after submiting, but I feel they might somehow charge.