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Anyone test 8450 Tri Core yet

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Oct 2, 2001
Corona, CA
I am thinking of moving to an Antec P180 Mini. Thus this means I need a new Micro ATX Board. AMD is a bit cheaper at the moment. Now my question has anyone O/Ced these chips? I know it will not match my current 8400, but I really don't need that much power, and I find myself doing more VMware stuff rather then gaming, so the extra core will help. Also plus the temp issues these new 45nm Cores have bug me. These new Tri Cores seem to perform very well and because they are B3 cores, they should O/C very nicely. What do you guys think? I have been with Intel for a while, but I am thinking of moving back to AMD.
I think they look promising. And perhaps with only three cores perhaps the power draw will be less? I haven't researched them enough. What is the TDP? If it is 95 watts, then those tri-cores should work with the AMD 780G boards. And I imagine that with one less core, they should be less limited by heat and therefore able to perhaps out-clock their four-core siblings.

And the P180 Mini is a slick case. I would love to see a nice mATX rig in one of those. Hell, I wouldn't mind building one myself.
Yea, on newegg their is a Sapphire based 780G board with a 4 phases vs 3 on most other 780g boards. Also the P180 mini has really caught my eye. I will surely post results and pictures if I do indeed build the new rig.
From what I've read, even the four-phase isn't enough for the 125W chips. Then again, it actually has five aluminum heat sinks on the VRM whereas the rest of the 780G boards are bare. I'd hate to be the first guinea pig.

Edit: I'd hate to be the first guinea pig with a quad-core 125w proc. However, looks like the three available Trikes on Newegg are all 95 watts. Should be safe. I say go for it!
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Sassyrex has that board with a 5000BE cranked to 3.3+G. I like the 4 phases, sinks and the SB700, I noticed a little extra IO boost in a 740Matx.