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Anyone try the "beta" bios for the MSI K7T Turbo ms-6330?

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Mar 9, 2001
They evidently came out with a BIOS upgrade (ver. 2.5), which I downloaded and installed. I noticed, however, that there were "beta" BIOS available that gave more multiplier speeds and more control over voltage (V. 10b16). I downloaded those and attempted to install, but the Award BIOS flash .exe always stops when it gets to the point of flashing the BIOS (rebooting with a custom made WINME boot disk with only IO.SYS, MSDOS.SYS and COMMAND.COm on it).
Any ideas or anyone try it and get it to work? The regular 2.5 update was installed using Winflash, so no reboot with floppy.
As flaky as this MOBO tends to be I can't imagine that stability would be increased... but I wanted to try...
Thanks for reading
I'm running 98SE and flashed to the b16 version to gett he extra multiplier settings. Runs fine except for the required RESET button after cold boot issue. 140x9.5 = 1330 on a stock 1100 TBird.

Hinge out
Yeah, i tried it.. i also was getting the same errors, where it would not write when it looked like it was about to. The next reboot, i hit F8 and went to command prompt. Ran it off my hard drive and it wrote (i had to use the /nbl switch by the way) Before you use the /nbl i suggesst just running the awfl program with no options just to back up our old bios.
Well, I got it to work from the hard drive with no problems. The only issue is that "Unknown Flash Type" pops up after post right before it starts to load Windows.
Do both of you see this as well?
Thanks for the help,
Yeah i get that mess too. I figured it was just because the BIOS is beta or unofficial, i think everyone gets that message. Wow so you got your Turbo-R to overclock your tbird? haha.. i've been having nothing but troubles with my unlocked Duron cpu. It refuses to overclock. Are you running your Turbo-R with 133 or 100fsb? Did you get it any higher with the new BIOS?
I have the FSB jumper still set at 100 (I have pc100 ram) but the memory speed is set at 133 in the BIOS (and benchmarks do indicate that it is running at this speed).
I'm just running a flat 11x100 (I can get the FSB up to 105 but I get lots of BSOD's-- this is where it's most stable). The new BIOS does not seem to make any difference, but I have not played around with it much yet.