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anyone try using a 4b pencil on xp?

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Jan 13, 2001
i had an idea. maybe someone could use a special "4b" artists pencil to unlock a xp without filling the holes.
this special pencil might do the trick of filling the holes and connecting the contacts at the same time.
a "4b" artists pencil is a pencil that has a fine point and lays down more graphite with each stroke. darker lines.

i didn't know if anyone thought of this before. i got the idea from reading about someone who used this pencil to volt mod a video card by connecting contacts on a resistor.

the pencil is available at most art and arts/crafts stores for about $2.00.

if this is a old idea, please dont flame me! i was just trying to help.


You'd still need to fill the pits with something non-conductive. Getting pencil lead in there would not be good. And those L1's are tiny, you'd need a very fine point. It'd be better to use a more permanent method since its a real pain to do it anyway.

yeah, after i thought about it some more, i didnt sound so good anymore. oh well.
if you get graphite or other conductive material into the pit it will cause a problem?
i read somewhere recently(maybe on this board) that one person actually did successfully connect the l1's with just a pencil and nothing else. that is one person i know of so far. for the rest of us it lucks like no luck.
i have also found that pencil graphite is not all that conductive and may make for flakey results, even on old t-birds. it certainly isn't a permanent soulution.

it was a nice idea though. i think.
if any one wants to be a guinea pig and try this, be my guest! although, dont blame me if it doesnt work, or wrecks something!
since i dont have a xp(have mp's) i can't try it. but, i would if i had one.


I think the pencil can work on the L3's. You figure out which one to connect and instead of unlocking multiplyers it changes the cpu's default multiplyer to something else. Still have to pencil around the pit.
yes, you are right. i saw the guy who did it on ocworkbench.com
he connected the l3. he only had to make 1 connection and one cut.
i wouldnt even bother cutting bridges unless i planned on replacing the cpu. connected them isn't bad if you make a mistake you can start over. cutting them can render permanent damage.
just my opinion.