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Anyone uses Seagate LP 2 Tb HDDs ?

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Aug 31, 2006
Anyone has any experience with Seagate LP 2 Tb ST32000542AS ??

I am looking for suitable HDDs for a NAS (Qnap TS 509 Pro) and also a file server using MS Windows Home Server.

Would Seagate LP 2 Tb ST32000542AS be the alternative to WD Caviar Green?

WD Destop drives has some concern with parking the head quite often.

I am not concern about the power consumption but I do want them to be fairly quiet. .

Therefore I am not keen on Hitachi as I have read that they are rather noisy at 7200rpm.

No experience with Samsung drive.



Oct 5, 2008
Cumbria (UK)
Interesting links there. I was unaware of this problem with WD drives. I would really like to upgrade my fileservers HDD space but I really like WD drives. Even under Windows server 2008 r2, 8 seconds seem like a small amount of time to park the heads?


Jul 7, 2006
I have a Seagate LP 1.5TB disk in my WHS and consider it satisfactory but wouldn't buy it again due to its platter size. However the 2TB model uses 4 500gb platters so it is a bit better then the smaller platters on the 1.5tb LP.

Personally I see nothing wrong with using a WD green on a WHS box as the time out issues only create headaches in raid settings. Right now a lot of people have been avoiding them for mass storage in raid settings due to the dropping of TLER, this is mentioned a lot in the thread you linked, and time out issues in general in a raid environment. Personally I wouldn't fill a NAS with them. Also WD has a habit of updating their drives without changing their model number. Therefore expanding a raid array full of WD drives down the road would be a pain as you would have to find the correct serials and most likely get them used to avoid performance drops.

Personally I like samsungs drives for mass storage but if you are looking at the 2TB size you might want to wait awhile to make sure they are reliable as they just came out in that size. The 1.5TB drives they make are quite reliable though and also usually quite cheap. The 2TB samsung drive is of the F3 lineup which are considered to be the fastest consumer mass storage devices.
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