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Anyone using a KK266 and a 1.2 Tbird...can you comment on this?

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Feb 2, 2001

this is a link to this comment

"We had some issues getting this board to work at 266 FSB speed, and apparently it looks like some sort of problem between the IWill KK266's BIOS and factory unlocked chips. The thing is, every 1.2 GHz Athlon we've seen hit the market thus far has been factory unlocked. When using a factory locked chip, we didn't have any problems lowering the multiplier and running up to 266 FSB. With the factory unlocked 1.2 GHz T-Bird, we would tone down the multiplier (which works), but once the FSB was cranked up to 266 MHz, the board would not POST.
So what does this mean? If you've got a 1.2 GHz Thunderbird, you may have issues going to 266 MHz FSB on this board. IWill tech support said others have already complained about this problem, and they believe it's a problem with AMD's 1.2 GHz factory unlocked chip. To be fair, we've also had this problem with MSI's new K7T-Turbo R motherboard, which uses the same BIOS, but on the other hand, we haven't had this issue with Abit KT7A and Asus A7V133 boards using these same processors.
This means unfortunately we could not run 266-MHz FSB benchmarks on this motherboard, since the 1.2 GHz chip we have in our labs is factory unlocked. We've still included benchmarks at 200 MHz FSB, which performed surprisingly well."

please post any info about new bios or whatever..this is what I was going to order before I read this.

this review was posted on Feb 28 so I am not sure if there is a bios fix.

guess I will call them monday, hope they answer the phone :)
There is a slight problem using **some** 1.2 gig tbird procs in the KK266. Apparently, the moboard tries to initialize the chip to its default multiplier before recognizing the changed multiplier in teh bios. Several solutions have been posted. First, you can up the default voltage *on the chip* using the trace connection technique, which will sometimes give that extra oomph to the proc to allow it to boot at the higher FSB. Second, you can lower the multiplier *on teh chip* using the trace technique, again. This will intitialize the proc at a lower multiplier. However, you might have to actually cut traces that are connected on the tbird; some people don't like to do that :) I haven't done either method, but these seem to be the only solutions right now. And remember, many people have no problem running their 1.2 tbird proc at 266FSB without modification. Luck of the draw.
I do not believ that any manipulations on the chip - like cutting traces - are necessary, nor are they a good idea.

If this problem really exists, then it is likely related to the Iwill bios' tendency to anticipate and memorize multipliers. In case of a 1200 Chip it may assume that the multipler is 12 (12x100) rather than 9(9x133)

The following workaround should get you through, though I have to admit that it's a bit too complicated for the novice user, and I hope that Iwill can address this in their next bios release.

Here ya go:

Set the FSB Jumper to 100 and boot into the OS

Rstart, go into the bios, and reset the multiplier to 9, save and exit.

Boot again - now it should show 900MHz - and let it boot into the OS.

Shut down.

Set the jumper to 133 and re-boot.

Now it should show 1200, and it should remember the 9 multiplier.

Let me know if this works.

Hey Yo do you know of anyone else using the Turc bios?.....saw what happened when you ran it
Yo the thing is and I quote
". To be fair, we've also had this problem with MSI's new K7T-Turbo R motherboard, which uses the same BIOS, but on the other hand, we haven't had this issue with Abit KT7A and Asus A7V133 boards using these same processors. "

So it does not happen with the Abit board but it does with the MSI and the IWILL. So evidently the Abit did something right. well one thing anyway :)

But if they work on the abit then its not a VIA thing, it must be an IWILL design or bios. I hope bios.

I have tried to call them, still waiting for return call.

One thing, if the 1.2 won't run at 133 then
maybe the new (1.2 133 chip won't run at all)
I wonder

will post if they call me back.
I hope soon I can't afford any more price cuts LOL
The MSI and the Iwill use jumpers to switch between 100 and 133 mhz. Thats why the abit and asus work, but the iwill and msi *sometimes* dont.

Yo, your solution does not always work. Search the HardOcp forum and the iwill forum at amdmb.com You will find that on the 1.2 proc, people can't get it to boot up at 133 even after booting at say 8x100 or some other low multiplier. It has to do with the proc and jumper on the moboard.
rocknindy (Mar 05, 2001 08:14 p.m.):
Hey Yo do you know of anyone else using the Turc bios?.....saw what happened when you ran it

I am still not sure that it was the turc bios or some other oddity. It was running perfectly at 8.5x157 for a couple of days, before I started playing with it.

Besides there is a new turk bios out.

I have the same issue with my MSI K7T Turbo and a TB 1200. Even if I lower the multiplier and start it in the 133 jumper setting, the system does not boot up. I've tried everything, all cards out, etc. I have heard that on I think the ASUS 133A boards, the PCI devider starts working from an FSB of 134. If this is also the case with the MSI, we have a problem. On the 100 FSB jumper setting, you can adjust the FSB in the BIOS not above around130, so you have to restart with the jumper of in 133 position. It's impossible to adjust to 134 or higher in 100 FSB mode.
When that article stated MSI K7T_TURBO_R, I contacted MSI,Thay immidetly took there mother board and the 1.2 /266fsb processor and set it up.after a short while thay called me at my home to tell me that there was no difficulty in setting jumper to 133 or 100 on that 266fsb 1.2.However with a 200fsb 1.2 thay could not get the processor to post at the 133fsb.I was so relieved because I had just ordered that board !!!ANd the 1.2 266FSB processor. Talk about raining on someones parade lmao!!Unfortunitly the board was shipped with a bad bios,so i returned it and replaced it with the ABIT KT7A !!!!!!!.tHAT ARTICLE rocked my day and I wasent ready to chance using that motherboard after it was shipped with a bad bios already.
Hmmmmm....after my nasty FSB 133 non-rebooting experiences and reading lookalike issues with some KT 133A boards in this and other forums, i'm sure there are some 'children diseases' in some BIOS settings. When is the PCI/AGP bus devider changing at the MSI board? at 133 (only way startup can be done) with a TBird 1200? i don't know? Why doesn't it start up at the 'modest' FSB 133 while being able to run it at 1482 mhz with my TBird 1200 at 118 FSB (with good quality Mushkin REV 2 - PC 133 memory)? Something strange is going on, I'm sure about that!
Hope the Board manufacturers will hear our comments and the new BIOS upgrades will fix those issues!!!