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Anyone using pringles 802.11b antenna?

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May 1, 2002
Salt Lick City, UT
I just learned about the pringles can 802.11b antenna, and now I want to try it. I've never messed with wireless stuff before, but this is too cool not to try.

I will try with about a 1/4-1/2 mile shot at first, but then after that, I'd like to step right up to the 15 mile range. I have read that this is not impossible, but somewhat difficult to aim right.

Can anyone post their real world experiences with their hacked 802.11 antennas ... like when it rains, or when it is foggy...snowing..etc.


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su root

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Aug 25, 2001
Ontario, Canada
all this talk about networking is making me hungry.. ooh! chips..

I wonder if it would be possible to link multiple antennas together?


May 30, 2002
i did it around a year ago i was amazed by the range of that thing i found that i could hit a network from around a 1/4 mile away i had to put it away after reading a few storys on people getting busted with them...... we never tried it in rain/snow/fog the only downside to the project is buying that wire that goes from the card to the can it costs around 25 dollars and it is just a wire but other than that the whole project is simple

good luck


Jun 22, 2002
Sterling IL
if i had the money to spare i would try this. this looks cool......plus, i'll have to eat a can of sourcream and onion pringles :p


Dec 18, 2000
I use one. Works good, I can see a network on the other side of the valley with it. 'Bout a km away. See the other thead for a pix...