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Anyone want to shoot the **** about 4k panels?

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Aug 29, 2013
Seems that 4k monitors have dropped down to a sensible level now, and with 4k content actually been a thing now (at least online anyway) I'm starting to plan to get one.

My issue is I can't decide on size and panel type.

For a while I was using a 26" TV, no real brand. It did the job but the contrast ratio was horrific. That's what led me to pick up a 27" BenQ GW2750HM VA monitor. Been happy with this monitor, using it for more than 3 years now.

I went for VA over IPS just for the contrast ratio. However at some point I bought a smaller Acer IPS monitor for my wife's computer and wow did the colors pop on that thing. Made my BenQ look dull and bland after that.

So my questions is, IPS or VA? Google says because I really tend to use this monitor for TV shows, movies, youtube etc a VA panel might be better suited. But I can't help been drawn to IPS because of how much better it looks off the bat.

Has VA and IPS technology changed over the last few years?

My second question is should I stick with 27/28" or go 32"?

I rarely sit more than 4ft away from my monitor in 'relaxed movie mode' watching... but maybe if it was a 32" I might be able to back up a bit and enjoy it more?

A 27/28" VA monitor means I can buy one now. A 27/28" IPS monitor means I can buy one this year. A 32" IPS monitor means I'll have to wait a while.

Budget is no more than $400.

I'm in the market too for both my family room and my PC.

I currently run 3 23" 1920x1080 monitors in surround, and a 4th "dashboard" monitor. I love the screen real-estate that the 5760 x 1080 gives me, but the "fish eye" effect in gaming is something that would be nice to solve.

I would like a UHD monitor to replace my 3 1920x1080 monitors (will keep the "dashboard"), but am currently not willing to spend $1300 on a 32" replacement.

I'd love to hear others thoughts!
There are a couple of threads here already me thinks... check those out while you wait on more answers. :)
There are some threads here about specific 4k panels and the site with the brackets around part of the name also has some large threads about 4k panels so there's plenty to read up on.

As for me personally, I use a 4K Samsung at work (horrible red on black text) but good performance otherwise considering I'm running it on my integrated GPU from my Core i3-4160 CPU.

I have a Seki 50" at apartment in my small living room and replaced my Seiki 39" with a 43" LG in my bedroom as the main screen for my gaming computer. 6

I sit 2ft away from my 40" Samsung at work and 2-3ft away from my 43". I sit about 5 ft from my 50"

All have really good picture with the LG ranked first mainly because the newer technology in the LG is definitely an improvement over the older Generation Seiki's

I used to run (3) 24" Dells in portrait mode then upped that to (3) 30" Dells.(that was an expensive upgrade) You can't begin to imagine the improvement once you go 4K but you should make sure you calibrate the colors first before any serious use.

I don't care how thin the bezels are on the multi-monitor setup, they still get in the way. 4K is so much better and uses so much less energy than 3 monitors that I felt guilty for using all that extra electricity
Still running my trusty Yamakasi Catleap IPS panel..... I'll keep using it till it dies..... Rather wishing it would so I can justify buying a new screen ;)