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Anyone watercooling with a BE6-II please respond!

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
I love the watercooling so far. But the only problem I'm having is cooling the chipset. I have to have a fan blowing directly on the chipset or else I get BSOD's and lockups. As well as system powerdowns! I guess it's not really a big deas as far as having a fan blowing on the board, I have an 80mm fan mounted on my waterblock blowing onto the board. And then it runs perfect. But without it it wont go. This is without my peltier installed too. Just plain watercooling!

I was just wondering if anyone else with the same board and watercooling has had similiar problems?
Well thats messed up! Why the hell do I have to cool my chipset to run stable? I guess what I may do is construct some sort of small waterblock for the chipset to keep it cool also.
Go buy a chipset water block from DangerDen.com. I just got me a kit today and it's really nice. I hear DangerDen is the best so far and not that expensive at all.
The only problem with that is that the chipsets on the slot 1 BX boards are right next to the cpu slots! Unlike all of the socket 370 boards. I may have to modify my current cpu waterblock to have enuough room to mount a chipset waterblock.