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Anything i can do for my poor old crappy VooDoo3?

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Dec 21, 2000
I need something to do to it. I have it overclocked to 192 perfectly stable for 5 days running 3dmark2001. For some reason, it won't go higher. If i up the VIO, it doesn't overclock as high. I don't get little things all over the screen, it just freezes?!?!? Why is that? Anything i can do? I have a 17cfm fan on it and a pentium heatsink. Need Suggestions, i like to mess around with old cards!
I know this sounds weird, but have u tried to lower the VIO? I have heard about some who's got better oc'ing results with a lower VIO.
I think it's worth a try.
I'm not the expert but I believe you've probably hit the ceiling. I have a Voodoo 3000 PCI that I've had up to 190 w/ active air cooling but no higher.

The weak link is most likely the memory on the card. You could probably get more out of the GPU but the GPU and Memory are synchronized together on the Voodoo 3000's..and probably others for that matter.

There has been some discussion about the merits of watercooling in getting a little bit more out of memory but not too many people have tried it.
I got a PIII on my AGP VOODOO 3 card and im running it at 193mhz overclocked.
I think the best bet is to upgrade to a geforce
I really dont want to spend any extra money on my computer since its only a slot a athlon running at agp 2x. your best best is to save your money and buy a Athlon 4