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Anywhere to buy 8rda+ 2.1 in USA ?

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Aug 12, 2003
West Virginia
The 8RDA+ model was discontinued, but I heard a while back that it had been re-released in the UK. Maybe one of the UK members could shed some light. I don't know of any US retailers that still have any. Looking for a refurb on Epox or Newegg sites, or maybe Ebay may be your only hope.


Nov 14, 2003
Cuda , I knew it was in the UK , but thought someone might have seen some in USa ..
Thanx for the reply though


Apr 4, 2003
Maine, U.S.A.
kind of strange this board died off so quickly.....i'm running a XP2100+ @2.3Ghz and this set-up has been rock solid for me and I'm having a hard time justifying an upgrade right now....seems like the shelf life should have been longer for this board......


May 4, 2003
Thought I'd throw this food for thought at 'cha.
Epox EP-8KRA2+: Best Performance http://www.tomshardware.com/motherboard/20030908/index.html


They've got a new one out and it got fantastic reviews but for the life of me can't remember where I read about it.

I've had an 8RGA+ for about a year now with a 2500 OC'd 2264MHz FSB205 vCore 1.7 and could easily go more but have sorry, old PC2100 RAM slowing it down and if I go over FSB205 it starts locking up. Also have 8RDA refurb I bought from newegg and couldn't ask for better boards. Flashing 8RDA BIOS piece of cake but 8RGA+ is as it came in the box new.

Prolly' be awhile before I need a MB but when I do will definitely consider the ABIT NF7-S 'cause I read nothing but good things about it.


Oct 24, 2002
Berkeley, CA - USA
8rda+ was replaced with the 8rda3g - I had 3 8rda+ - 2 1.0 and 1 1.1 boards - My last 1.0 did not have the sound skip but I cooled the SB a lot more...

I got the 8rda3g (ultra-400) and it says on the box 8rda+

No sound skip - very nice stable mobo - I gave up looking for a 8rda+ 2.1 in the states - heard the UK is now seeing 2.2 version - this beats me as to why it is not available in the states - Yet Epox had stated they would continue it at some point and then we still see it being sold in Europe with new revisions...I really like the 8rda+ but now I moved on :)